Did the ElGato Cam Link 4 just quit working one day? It did with me and I went into a panic!! I searched and searched YouTube videos trying to understand. I read forums and support chats. Everything was WAY too technical and confusing. BEFORE you install firmware – try changing your HDMI cable. That was the fix for me! My Cam Link works fine! It’s a great product! It was the wonky cable that went out – BOOM! One day it worked – the next day it didn’t. (Of course, be sure to be using a USB 3.0 port too with no other USB items plugged in, if possible.)

Full Transcript

Hey, you guys more than likely this is your fix. Hey, you guys, I’m Kori Ashton, normally on my channel, I’m talking all things WordPress but today, I wanted to just talk about a few issues with the Cam Link.

The Elgato Cam Link 4, I thought mine completely went out and I did deep dive into Google and YouTube trying to find the answer, trying to find the fix. I was this close to buying a totally different solution. Of course, right now with the pandemic going on, the whole world is sold out of these things unless they’re gouging on eBay. So before you throw away your Cam Link 4, be sure to see if it is in fact your cable. That was my issue with mine. I thought the whole thing had broken.

I was getting ready to reinstall firmware, whatever, blah, blah, blah. Don’t do all that you guys half the tutorials here on YouTube are Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. Way too technical way too confusing. Be sure to test first, it might just be an old HDMI cable that you’re using and you need to go grab another one from a local store or Amazon, wherever you want. I’ll put a link to the one I’m using in the description box below.

Hope this helps you, I know it’s very frustrating right now as you’re going through something that’s broken, but there are a ton of videos here, I just didn’t like any of them, they weren’t my fix and they’re way too technical way over my head. So I hope you’re able to get yours fixed. All right, Catch on next time bye everyone.