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Sharing with others is my way of giving back. It’s not just a purpose – it’s a passion.

Mom, Business Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

First time on stage I was singing. It was at church and I was four years old. I’ve been on a stage ever since then either speaking, singing, or performing live paintings. Even from a young age I’ve been an avid entrepreneur selling my first company for a profit at the age of twelve. In 1998 I needed a website for my band; so, I coded my first HTML site and was instantly hooked on digital marketing.

After living my dream of being a professional musician for ten years I hung up my guitar and started focusing fully on web development. In 2008 I was asked by a client to build a website for him, but he required it be on WordPress. I said – “No problem!” and went home immediately to Google “How to build a WordPress Website.” And WOW! I was never the same!

Because I’m a lifelong entrepreneur it was only natural that I start a web development firm niched in WordPress. I partnered with my parents in 2012 to launch WebTegrity. During that time I was listed as one of seven women who ran tech startups in San Antonio to watch. Just four short years later we were ranked sixth in San Antonio and we sold our company in 2017.

It’s never easy growing a small, family-owned business into something of value. I have two little boys and life tends to never slow down. (See My Story). But the lessons I’ve learned and the people I’ve surrounded myself with have given me so much to share. So over the years, I have traveled all across the US speaking on entrepreneurship, web design, WordPress, SEO, and other business topics to hundreds of students, freelancers, and professionals at universities, WordCamps, workshops, and special corporate events. I’ve also performed several live paintings at events like TEDx San Antonio and LGBTQ Christian conferences.

After battling (and beating) cancer in 2019 I turned my attention fully to family and left my season at WebTegrity. During the pandemic I launch Press Happi to help small businesses be able to afford great WordPress websites. These days I’m investing my energy into digital strategies for those small, and growing businesses looking to improve their online conversion and to expand their digital reach. Sharing at events and workshops is still a passion no matter the size of the crowd or the topic. I see each opportunity as a moment to give back and inspire others to live their dreams.

To hear Kori’s WordCamp talks visit here.

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These are some special memories and favorite videos I’ve made over the years.

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