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From Professional Musician to
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In 1998 Kori needed a website for her band; so, she coded her first HTML site and was instantly hooked on digital marketing.

After living her dream of being a professional musician for ten years she hung up her guitar and started focusing fully on online marketing. In 2008 she was asked by a client to build a website for his company, but he required it to be built on WordPress. She instantly said – “No problem!” and went home immediately to Google “How to build a WordPress Website.” That weekend changed her life.

In 2012 Kori partnered with her parents to launch WebTegrity, a full-stack WordPress website digital agency in San Antonio, Texas. During that time Kori was listed as one of seven women who ran tech startups in San Antonio to watch. Just five short years later they were ranked third in San Antonio and were acquired in 2017.

As a part of Kori’s give back to the WordPress community, she began her YouTube channel and began at events acorss the US. Topics included entrepreneurship, web design, WordPress, SEO, and other business strategies to thousands of students, freelancers, and professionals at WordCamps, universities, workshops, and special corporate events. She also performed several live paintings at events and was honored to speak at TEDx San Antonio.

After battling (and beating) cancer in 2019 Kori turned her attention fully to family and left her season at WebTegrity. During the pandemic, she completed her degree at Texas Tech University and began her Masters program in Technical Communication. She also earned an online certification for Data Science from Harvard Business School.

In 2023 she opened her current hybrid digital agency MaxCRO – specializing in AI-Driven marketing. This agency is a collective of highly-skilled experts with one goal in mind – maximizing your in-house marketing efforts. 

In her spare time you can find her over at  Mighty Good Coders, a free, in-person coding camp for kids inspiring them with critical thinking skills for entrepreneurship, video game design, and of course, WordPress website development.

To hear Kori’s WordCamp talks visit here.

Sharing with others is my way of giving back. It’s not just a purpose – it’s a passion.
Kori Ashton

Kori’s studio

My Story


I am a proud sixth generation Texan. Born & Raised. We can trace our Texas genealogy back to the days of the Alamo.


My older brother and I grew up in church as my parents pastored in different Pentecostal churches most of my childhood.


My first career choice was being a clown for my parent's balloon store. Dressed as clowns we would deliver balloon bouquets to kids' birthday parties.


From a very young age I was either singing or performing in some play or youth group event. Here I starred opposite a stuffed lamb.


Then the 90’s happened. High school came along and we believed the bigger your hair the closer you were to God.


God and I were apparently BFFs.


In 1996 I learned to play the guitar while at Bible college and my world drastically changed. In the early 2000’s I began playing music professionally with a Christian worship band and traveled all over the US.


I landed in the Northwest and became a worship leader for a few churches.


My band produced 3 albums and I loved being a professional music minister, but I missed my family. So I left the great Northwest and moved back to Texas.


But I couldn’t seem to put the guitar down. I even traveled as far as Kenya, Africa to sing and share my faith.


I spent the next few years volunteering in music ministries around the US.


Since I wasn’t doing music professionally any longer – I needed a paying gig. So the avid entrepreneur in me took the leap and we launched a digital marketing company called WebTegrity in San Antonio with my parents as my business partners.


My first son was born, and my heart grew two sizes.


I started my YouTube Channel with – WordPress Wednesday. As part of my community giveback – every Wednesday I release a free tutorial video focused on all things WordPress.


Spoke and performed a live painting at TEDx San Antonio.


We thought Andy needed a little brother, and were blessed with our second son – Ethan.


In 2017 WebTegrity was acquired by a publicly traded company and I remained on as the CEO.


The Storm Hit. In July of 2019 I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. It was a rough six months of radiation, chemo and surgeries.


Thankfully I was supported and surrounded by amazing friends and family!


And so she goes on… Cervical Cancer took its toll physically on me, and then my marriage ended as well at the end of 2019. But my story goes on and my will to survive and thrive continues to give me opportunities to give back, teach, share and shine! There’s so much to be thankful for!


Kori began her teaching career - Leading over 600 graduate students in a virtual Digital Marketing Certification program.


In Dec 2022 Kori graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech University and was accepted to their MA program! Wreck 'Em!


Kori launched a hybrid, global digital marketing agency called MaxCRO, and began her certification program at Harvard Business School.

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