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Do you have a plugin, product, or theme you’d like Kori to review on her YouTube Channel? If you think her audience would love your product, please request a review.

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Please know that I turn down more video reviews than I produce. If I research your product / service and find it to be a trusted and powerful resource for my audience, I will connect back with you to proceed.

When I agree to review your product you’ll gain access to my entire network of viewers & followers when the video is added to my social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram). The video will be listed on my website as well for improving your organic ranking as a followed backlink. The video will also be highlighted in a local WordPress Meetup Group session where we will discuss your product at length with the live audience.

If my audience connects well with your product, I may opt to create one or two additional videos about your product for free.

Hello Kori! You are amazing! The video is professional, positive and full of energy! Thank you so much for it! Waiting for Wednesday to see the review alive on your channel!

Thank you again!! 🙂

Emily W.


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