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More Than Inspiring

There’s nothing worse than sitting in another workshop and learning about something but not learning how to actually do something. Their take away should be more than inspiration and an emotional high.

I’ve spoken at well over 500 events in the past two decades. Topics include entrepreneurship, marketing, business strategy, WordPress, search engine optimization, being a YouTuber, and being a female in the tech world.

Be Life-Changing

Let’s be sure your audience takes home more than just some good swag and selfies. Give them the resources to be actionable and give them the tools to be life-changing.

Hey Y’all – It’s WordPress Wednesday

Each week Kori releases a YouTube video that offers tips and step-by-step instructions on how to improve your WordPress website and online marketing. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel to be alerted each week of the newest topic.

👍12 New Trends for Your WordPress Website in 2019

What's in and what's out for websites in 2019? Kori Ashton shares 12 new trends for your WordPress website.  By improving your website with these techniques your user can have a better experience and they can help with your ranking. Full Transcript 2019 Trends: Video...

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Save Time When Sending Proposals

Kori Ashton helps you save time when sending proposals. Try sending out a pre-proposal email to see where the client is comfortable in their budget and time range. Full Transcript Hey y'all, my name is Kori Ashton, and welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. I don't...

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How to Find Customers as Freelancer or Small Agency

Are you looking for website customers as a freelancer or small agency? Kori Ashton is the CEO of WebTegrity and has grown her team from her living room couch to over a million dollar revenue a year in just 5 short years. She's able to help you better understand how to...

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Using Live Chat on WordPress

If you're looking for a live chat option on your WordPress website, Kori Ashton shows you three different plugins. Some of these have totally free options - which is always in the budget. Remember that using a live chat feature on your website could increase sales and...

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Display Form Content on Website – Gravity Forms

Have you ever thought about displaying the content that the user enters on a form out onto the website page or inside of their email for their own records to print? Kori Ashton shows you two ways to display form content, that a user submits, using Gravity Forms on...

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Interpreting Google Analytics to Improve Rank

Kori Ashton helps you interpret Google Analytics numbers to apply them to your WordPress website's content strategy. This will improve your rank as well as user experience. This could even improve your conversion/sales. Sponsored by: Pressable. WordPress Hosting &...

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Good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who do.

Growing a business is not a simple task. There are some things we’ll learn the hard way and some things that will come naturally to us. It helps, though, to have someone to bounce off ideas and to give us some “tough love” advice when needed.

Schedule a call with me so that together we can create a strategy that works for your goals, vision, and drive. It’s time to do great things!

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