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Hey Y’all – if you love my YouTube weekly tutorials – you’ll really enjoy these more in depth video courses. I take my time and slow things down so that we can go through each topic thoroughly.

Step-by-Step Video Courses

Pause and rewind at your own pace. These video courses are geared for every level.

Kori’s online courses take you even farther than her quick YouTube videos. These videos are structured, have worksheets, and are easy-to-follow. You get support access from Kori as well when you purchase any of these paid courses.

Every Premium Course Comes With:


Pause & Rewind

Player controls allow you to pause and rewind the videos as needed.


Simple, easy-to-follow worksheets for you to print and follow along.


Multiple examples and realistic uses to help you implement the fundamentals in your website / marketing.

Additional Resources

Beyond the video – you’ll be given a list of resources (paid and free) to help you take what you learn to the next level.

Closed Captions

Videos will be marked to show that you can translate the video into a different language or read along with closed captioning.

Basics of SEO

Understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization and how Google sees your website. In this 45 minute course Kori teaches you all of the SEO basics needed for your website to organically appear on Google, Yahoo, and Bing . Full Details>


Build a Website in 60 Mins

Do you want a beautiful, responsive website that represents your business well, but don’t have the budget to hire a web development firm? This resource is for you. This tutorial will teach you how to set up the Divi template and add pages. COMING SOON


Presented by WP101

You’ve watched my free Yoast videos – now it’s time to get serious. WP101 will teach you how to fully implement the powerful SEO plugin for the best results – from installation to the more advanced settings. You’ll leave my website to purchase and complete this course. I highly recommend WP101. Thank you for using this affiliate link. Full Details

Watch Free Intro Video

Presented by WP101

WP101 offers a great course on WooCommerce. If you’re looking for help to set up your store and products, payment gateway and security – this is a very comprehensive course. You’ll leave my website to purchase and complete this course. I highly recommend WP101. Thank you for using this affiliate link. Full Details

Watch Free Intro Video

What is a Hashtag & Which Ones to Use? - FREE

Have you struggled with knowing what a hashtag is or how to find which hashtags you should be using in your social media posts? Kori will help you find resource after resource to discover the trending hashtags. Free Tutorial


Understanding Google Analytics - FREE

If you have a website, more than likely you’ve wondered where do my visitors come from? You might even want to know how many visits you get each day/ month. This is the type of information you can get for free from Google Analytics. Free Tutorial


Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.
Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.

You make it easy to understand!

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate finding your videos. I love how you explain and teach with the understanding that the viewer might not have any experience at all. Your enthusiasm is genuine and you make it easy to understand the information you are giving. You really encourage me to want to learn more and I thank you for that!

Vanessa S., Basics of SEO


Courses are geared in a very laid back structure. If you like my YouTube videos, you’ll love my premium courses.

In these paid courses I slow down and walk you through each topic step-by-step. These are designed for visual learners who are wired to learn from watching someone do the task. You’ll see my computer screen and be able to follow along while I narrate the process.

Do I get access immediately to the course?

Yes. Once you’ve purchased the course via PayPal, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the access code to view the video right away.

Are these for the total beginners?

Each premium video tutorial will answer this question individually. Some videos start basic and advance quickly while others are aggressively advanced.

Do I need to have a website on WordPress?

No. However, if you are on WordPress you’ll get a few extra nuggets that will help you easily make some changes to your website. This will vary by course topic.

Do I need to know how to code?

This will vary and depend on tutorial topic. You’ll find the answer on the individual course landing page.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept PayPal only. However – through that system you can use your credit card.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. If you purchase a premium course and feel as though you did not get the value you’re looking for, we’ll issue a 100% refund (minus credit card fees). But we’ll ask you a few questions on how we can improve it for others.

Looking for another course?

If you didn’t find the subject you’re looking to learn – please Ask Kori to create a course for you. Submit your course ideas and she’ll connect back.