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“Thank you! You saved me lots of time searching for the error! (also an embarrassing email to my boss!) Awesome content will subscribe for more!?”


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“This is fantastic! Thank you for making the “foreign language” of blogging easy to understand!?”

Kristen C.

YouTube Fan / Subscriber

“You are a great resource. Followed you step by step, using other images though, and results are spot-on. This is a great product and you are a great teacher. Thank-You!?”

William C.

Happy YouTube Subscriber

Kori sets an extremely high standard for someone in the web/tech world because she is so knowledgeable but also extremely able to TEACH what she knows to others! What an incredible gift! Really enjoyed working with her and can’t wait to do it again!

Melissa R.


Immediately upon meeting Kori, we felt completely at ease. We could instantly see how much Kori cared about her clients. Working with her has been such a refreshing, wonderful experience, and hiring them was BY FAR one of the best business decisions we have ever made. Not only are they amazing people, but they are also absolutely amazing at what they do. We are forever grateful for everything they have done for our business.

Jessica M.


More Than Inspiring

There’s nothing worse than sitting in another workshop and learning about something but not learning how to actually do something. Their take away should be more than inspiration and an emotional high.

I’ve spoken at well over 500 events in the past two decades. Topics include entrepreneurship, marketing, business strategy, WordPress coolThe Best CMS in the World!, search engine optimization, being a YouTuber, and being a female in the tech world.

Be Life-Changing

Let’s be sure your audience takes home more than just some good swag and selfies. Give them the resources to be actionable and give them the tools to be life-changing.

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5 Free Resources For Blog Ideas

5 Free Resources For Blog Ideas

Are you trying to find your next WordPress blog idea? Topics can cause brain cramps! Take time to look at these 5 free resources for blog ideas that Kori Ashton will share. These can easily help spark creativity, provide clearer direction on key terms, help you...

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Good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who do.

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Growing a business is not a simple task. There are some things we’ll learn the hard way and some things that will come naturally to us. It helps, though, to have someone to bounce off ideas and to give us some “tough love” advice when needed.

Join a private Slack Channel called PressTribe to connect with fellow WordPress freelancers, agency owners / managers, and entrepreneurs. Together we can craft a strategy that works for your goals, vision, and drive. It’s time to do great things!

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