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What will happen if I don’t renew my WordPress licenses?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn't renew your WordPress licenses (that plugin or theme license)? Will your WordPress website break? With your plugins stop working? I answer that question today. Thank you to Kerry for asking for the audience. Full...

The Ultimate Beginners Guide for WordPress

The Full Video What is the difference between & .org WordPress is a free, open source solution that helps you create an online presence - either a blog, website, store, or online community. This tool is very powerful and offers a lot of options....

Can I make a blog, or an information website, or even a store using WordPress?

YES! You can make one or all of these in one with WordPress. There are out of the box solutions for bloggers and there’s a simple process to making WordPress be an information site. You can also add in a store plugin called WooCommerce and start selling today!...

What is a WordPress widget?

A WordPress widget isn’t just a fun word. It’s a powerful resource for you inside of your WordPress website. It’s a container that holds anything you need and it can appear in endless areas on your website if the theme allows for a widget to live in the space....
Add a Raffle or Giveaway on Your Website – Free Plugin

Add a Raffle or Giveaway on Your Website – Free Plugin

Are you trying to add a Raffle Drawing or Giveaway Content to your Website? This free (and pro) plugin called RafflePress is an excellent solution. Check out how to install it and see some key features in action. Also – Sign up for Kori’s 1st Giveaway!! It’s totally free to enter to win JBL wireless headphones – Sponsored by PressHappi.

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RafflePress – Free Plugin

RafflePress – Pro Version


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WP AutoTerms: Privacy Policy Generator (GDPR & CCPA), Terms & Conditions Generator, Cookie Notice Banner

Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance for WordPress

Kori Ashton helps you understand what's needed on your WordPress website for Privacy Policy, Terms of Service &...

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Elementor Website Builder – More than Just a Page Builder

Kori Reviews Elementor Page Builder – WordPress

If you're looking for a free page builder on your WordPress website, Elementor Page Builder hits the top of Kori's...

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Contact Form 7

5 Form Builder Plugins for WordPress

Kori Ashton shares 5 Form Builder Plugins for WordPress for your website. Some are free and others are paid options....

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