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Dec 5, 2018 | Gravity Forms, WordPress Wednesday

Have you ever thought about displaying the content that the user enters on a form out onto the website page or inside of their email for their own records to print? Kori Ashton shows you two ways to display form content, that a user submits, using Gravity Forms on your WordPress website.

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Hey y’all. Welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton and I had another really great question come in asking me how do you display the fields that have been submitted on Gravity Forms for your end user to review? Or to see, to print?

There are a couple options already available for moving your content into a PDF for them and I’ll put the link to that in the description box below. I’ve already done a tutorial on that, but if you would like to show your end user, the person, the customer that submitted the content to you, exactly what they’ve done you’ve got two different ways of giving that, them that information. I’ll show this to you right now.

And of course, I’m talking about Gravity Forms, which is my favorite form builder. I have an entire playlist dedicated to this form builder, which is a premium solution. Which means you have to pay for this plugin to be used on your WordPress website, but it is worth every single penny. If you haven’t purchased it yet would you please consider using my affiliate link? I would appreciate that. I’ll put that in the description box below as well.

So let me show you two different ways that you can display the content that your user enters on Gravity Forms.

Gravity Form – Notifications By Default

First of all, you’re gonna jump into the form that you want to display. For now, I just have this one here and I’ve already got it living on a page here as well. So, I’ll show you the front side of this so that you can see the form. It has some conditional logic. This works, by the way, on any type of form inside of Gravity Forms. So survey, conditional logic, a simple form doesn’t matter. This type of feature you can apply anywhere. So, the form is already filled out for me here. Excellent. I’m gonna go ahead and click Submit Information. So by default, it can just have a confirmation message live there, right? It can say, “Thank you so much.” It can redirect to a different page. It can redirect outside your website.

Displaying Content – Print On Screen Way

However, you want that user experience to happen. What I’d like to do is show you right here on this page that we can actually have all of their fields that they just submitted print, in a sense, print out on the screen. So how do you do that?

Going into your form itself, you’re gonna go to the Confirmations area and the default confirmation typically is set to text and you normally have something like “Thank you so much.” “We’ll get back to you within a couple of days.” Right? “Here’s the information you submitted,” is what we’ll have now.


Enter down and coming over here on the right side of your screen you see this little arrow down option. Click on that little guy and you have something that says All Fields. So when you click Save Confirmation now we go back to the front side of our website. Go back to the form itself. Click Submit. And now, “Thank you so much.” “Here’s the information you submitted.” And it has every single field with all their details living right here.

So if they wanted to, you could give them instructions to just Print Screen or download and save as PDF. However, they would want to do that for this information. Super super cool.

Displaying Content – Send to Inbox Way

If you’d like to as well, you can come into Notifications and send them all this information in their inbox. So you would say, Add New. And you would say “To the user”, right? And you would select a field, their email address that they entered. And you put in all your information here and say, “Your,” oh! “Your submitted.” If I learn how to type. “Your submitted details.” There you go. And then again, that same little drop down kinda hidden over here on the side. Hidden out in the open. All Submitted Fields and of course that would be sent to them. Same notification. So super cool options here for you. To be using really everyday inside of Gravity Forms so that you have a great user experience. This is something though that I know a lot of people wanna be able to show their consumers, their customers how do you actually get in here and display this content.

So I hope this helps. If you have questions further on this please reach out to me, but also remember since you’ve purchased a license with Gravity Forms you get free support from them. So reach out to them if they have, if you have specific questions. I’m sure they’d be excited to help you. They also have an online support community that you can get into a forum, do some hunting and searching around.

Alright y’all. Stick around with me, ’cause I have two videos coming out every single week on Mondays for Marketing Monday Minute and we also have WordPress Wednesday, every Wednesday. Be sure to subscribe. I hope you’re having a great one. Bye y’all.

If you’re looking to go even more advanced you can use Gravity Form Views. Here’s the tutorial on Gravity Forms to PDF .