Understanding Google Analytics in your WordPress Website

Sep 17, 2014 | WordPress Wednesday

In our last article – you learned how to connect Google Analytics to your WordPress Website. Now learn how to better understand the maze that is Google Analytics.

In this video I will walk you through understanding Google Analytics and specifically these topics:

  • Why you should monitor your Google Analytics
  • What are the basics of the Google Analytics Dashboard
  • How to understand the reports & information
  • How to use & apply the information

Why should you monitor Google Analytics?

If you have a website, more than likely you’ve wondered where do my visitors come from? How do people know I exist? You might even want to know how many visits you get each day/ month. This is the type of information you can get for free from Google Analytics Reporting. You should be monitoring this information at least monthly to know how better to market your website.

What are the basics of the Google Analytics Dashboard?

While you could watch hours of video tutorials and spend days trying to navigate through the Google Analytics Dashboard, there really are some simple areas that are key to monitoring. Google breaks down your analytics reporting to what they call the ABC’s of analytics.

  • A – Acquisition This means – where did your visitors come from?
  • B – Behavior This means – what did your visitors do when they were on your website?
  • C – Conversion This means – did the visitor convert and reach a goal that you’ve create?

There’s also an area (Audience) that gives you the demographic of your visitors. This information is what companies base their entire marketing strategies on – and you’re missing this if you’re not monitoring your Google Analytics.

How to understand the reports & information

Learning where your traffic comes from can help you better understand where to spend your time. Knowing what pages they visited on your website can help you better understand what content they’re looking for and how to write new content. Monitoring if a goal was reached can help you see if your Call to Action is even working or if you’re missing opportunities. Watch the video above to learn more about this understanding.

How to use & apply the information

Now what do you do with all of the information that you’ve seen inside of the Google Analytics Dashboard?

It’s time to monitor and evaluate – change and monitor more. You should take every bit of information you can gather through Google Analytics and make changes to your marketing strategy. After a short while you should be able to see your bounce rate lower, your traffic increase and your goals getting reached consistently. This is the key to understanding Google Analytics – each statistic and number is a piece of the puzzle. Put these pieces together and out rank ANYONE in your industry!!

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