Ready to start venturing into the wonderful world of videos!? I’m sure by now you know that videos can help drive sales, increase the time a visitor spends on your website, and hopefully go viral! Videos can be used to give a tour of your facility, show your work process, or explain something a little more complex. You can use videos to explain how to use a product, present an online course, or to show your personality off to your customers! Video is powerful and it’s very important to use in your online marketing. So here’s 25 WordPress Video Plugins for you to try out!

NOTE: A lot of these WordPress Video Plugins require the use of shortcodes. These are little snippets of code that pack a big punch! Be sure to view the “Installation” tab of each of these plugins to see how the individual authors require you to install the plugin and embed it into either a widget, page or post.

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If the company or author who coded your WordPress theme made it responsive, then all of your videos should naturally be responsive too. However – if you’re using a free theme or the company who coded your website did not pay attention to the need of responsive iframes then you’ll need to use a plugin.

Fluid Video Embeds
YouTube Widget Responsive
WP Canvas
Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Video Gallery Plugins

Tubepress – We no longer recommend this plugin 🙁
YouTube Embed Plus
Smart YouTube – We no longer recommend this plugin 🙁
YouTube Simple Gallery – We no longer recommend this plugin 🙁
YouTube Channel Gallery – Caution – Not updated recently
Ultimate Video Gallery – We no longer recommend this plugin 🙁
All Video Gallery
Cool Video Gallery
Viper’s Video Quicktags – No longer availalbe 🙁
WordPress Photo and Gallery Plugin – include photos and video in one gallery
WP Theater – We no longer recommend this plugin 🙁

Vimeo WordPress Plugins

Vimeo Master
Simple Vimeo Shortcode – Caution – Not updated recently

Lightbox for Video Widget Plugins

WordPress Video Lightbox
WordPress Colorbox Lightbox

Random Video Plugins

Need to put a video in a sidebar? Sidebar Video Widget
Check out another cool plugin that makes video Thumbnails images Video Thumbnails
Check out a new resource that we like https://www.tubebuddy.com/

BONUS: Add a Call to Action to your Video?

Add a Opt In box or a BUY NOW button into your videos. This is a PAID plugin – but seems to be VERY powerful!

Learn How to Embed a YouTube Video into your Website

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Video Transcript

Hi, Everyone. Welcome to another WordPress Wednesdays video. Today I cant go through every single one of the 25 plugins listed below, but what I do want to do is tell you why you have to use video in all your online marketing.

Alright, are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of online videos? They can be used for so many different things for your company. You can use them to show a tour of your facility. Maybe you want to show a complex process in your company or maybe a how-to-use-a-certain-product type of video. You can also offer an online course. You can do tutorials like what I am doing here. You can alsoand this is a super cool way to use videoyou can ask a customer or a client to give you a video testimonial and throw that on your YouTube channel. All of these things are going to help not only present your personality and your companys brand to your customers and maybe their friends in their network, but it also is going to hopefully go viral. And thats not something that you need lotion for. That is actually a really good thing.

Did you realize that Google owns YouTube? So, when they see YouTube videos on your website, they love it; and any time a customer comes and visits your website, Google immediately starts to time them and sees how long they spend on your website. So, imagine if you had just a page of a bunch of text, people are going to get bored easily. Theyre going to move on. But, if you added, lets say, a two-minute video onto a page, they are going to sit there and watch that two-minute video. Thats huge! Google thinks immediately, Wow! This customer has spent two minutes on this page. Theyve definitely found what theyre looking for. Great job!

I want to give you just a few more statistics. Not boring things. Amazing, mind-blowing facts of reasons why you should use video:
Videos are seven times more likely to be shared by your viewers than just a photo. (7 times!)
Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are (get this number!) 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.
72.1 million US smart phone users watched video on their devices at least monthly in 2013. This is expected to rise to 86.8 million, more than a quarter of US population, this year. (2014)
90% of consumers watch online video. (Can you believe that number? 90%!)

So, those should completely convince you to use video inside your online marketing. It doesnt have to be some amazing, professional quality video. You can just use a smart phone or an I-phone and take a video there especially if you are doing video testimonials. You want them to use legitimate and not fabricated.

So, take time, read through these lists of twenty-five great plugins that we have suggested for you. Ive got some other videos down below as well in the blog article. If we can help you with anything else, be sure to come to a WordPress Meetup group in your local area or here in San Antonio to attend ours. The link is below. Yall have a great day!