Speedboost 23 – Help Your Website Load Faster

Feb 16, 2023 | WordPress Plugins, WordPress Wednesday

Your WordPress website has to load faster than ever in 2023, but we’ve all heard it time and again that #WordPress is too slow to load, and our customers can get frustrated leading to cart abandonment, a high bounce rate, and lower rank on Google.

Welcome to SpeedBoost ‘23 – I’m Kori Ashton. I’ve been in the WordPress industry since 2009. I’ve been a freelancer, agency owner, c-suite exec, and marketing consultant. Currently – you may know me from my YouTube channel where each Wednesday I share a how-to tip for improving your online marketing in the world of WordPress.

I’m joined today by Tigran Nazaryan CEO of 10Web, and we’re here to let you know that speed in WordPress is no longer a problem.