Introducing PressTribe – A Free Online Community for WordPress Professionals

Feb 1, 2019 | Business Growth, PressTribe

PressTribe is a free, online community that is connecting WordPress freelancers, agency owners/managers, and WordPress entrepreneurs. Inside the tribe you’ll find a community of peers engaging in conversations around:

  • How to find clients
  • How to improve your process
  • How to growth with sustainability
  • How to establish a healthy business structure
  • How to know and improve your profit and margin
  • How to grow your team
  • How to handle work-home balance

Full Transcript

Hey y’all, I’m Kori Ashton, and if you watch my channel every week, you know that I love it when y’all send in your questions and you engage with me, and you help me come up with ideas for videos. Well now, what you’ve done, is you’ve helped me come up with an idea for a community.

You guys, I am launching PressTribe. This is an online community for WordPress freelancers, agency owners, and entrepreneurs. Anybody out there in the world who is trying to make a living using WordPress, I want you to come be a part of this absolutely free resource for you.

It is a Slack channel community. So, I’m gonna put the link below this video. Click join, come over, start engaging in the conversation. It is launching today, February 1st, right now.

Every single week, we’ll pose a question, and ask for you to engage and give your feedback. I hope that you learn from each other, I hope that we start to use our incredible power of our WordPress community to make a conversation be life-changing, for not only you as an individual freelancer, but also for those agencies who are trying to grow their team, trying to understand better business strategies, trying to understand cash flow and contracts and client communication and internal process.

What does that look like? So, I’m hoping that we’re able to just gather our tribe around us, and find a resource. A lot of ways, the same way you feel whenever you attend a WordCamp in your country, or in your city, and you really have that, a great experience of finding our community. I hope that we’re able to extend that, every day and every night now, inside of this PressTribe environment. I’m just really excited to keep this as a free resource for you.

This is not in any way taking away from WordPress Wednesday, I’ll still be doing WordPress Wednesday every single week, I’ll still be doing Monday Marketing Minute every single week, we just want to create more and more content, specifically in this lane, for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and WordPress agency owners. So, click on the link below, come be a part of this online community, it’s all inside of Slack right now, which is a free resource, and I’m looking forward to having a great conversation with you, as we find resources in each other. I’ll see y’all soon, bye y’all.

Click here to access PressTribe on Slack