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Oct 19, 2016 | Divi Theme, Responsive Design, Theme Review Thursday, Web Design Tips, WordPress Wednesday

Kori Ashton gives her opinion of the WordPress Divi Theme from ElegantThemes.com. See her build using it and check out the discounted purchase here – Buy Divi Get 10% Off

Full Video Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton and today is the day that I finally take a look at Divi. There have been several of you asking on our YouTube comments to please review the WordPress theme Divi.

Most of y’all know that I have been a fan of Avada, which is currently been the best selling WordPress theme over on ThemeForest.net. While I do like Avada a lot, I think it has some pretty hefty competition with the Divi theme.

Especially with the new version, 3.0, that’s come out. I’m kind of blown away by how
spectacular this is. I’ve only been playing around with it for a little while, and I’m already seriously impressed. So, I’m gonna show you some of my favorite features for it, right now.

Also, at the end of this video, stick around; because, I’m going to show you exactly why this theme is going to kick Avada’s toosh, when it comes to you using it, especially as a freelancer, as you’re building themes for clients.

Check this out.

Here we go, y’all.

This is over on ElegantThemes.com or you can go and actually try the Divi builder totally for free. You can test drive it before you buy it. It tells you a couple of brief things about it and when it says you can customize everything, I think this is an understatement.

Because, you can absolutely (In a drag and drop environment) customize anything. The other thing, as you’re seeing this play out here with me, as I’m talking… It takes you to the front side of your website to do all this editing and in almost a real-time updating environment, as you’re creating these pages.

That’s comparable to the Beaver Builder plugin that I just reviewed a few weeks ago.
This has that all compact inside of this theme. The other thing that I’ve been super impressed with, as I installed this theme…So, you come here you purchase it, download it, and install it.

When I did that, it was installed in absolute seconds. The weight of this theme is super light. There were no additional plugins required, which I thought was spectacular. So, right away, I’m looking at this and thinking “It’s already a better fit”. If you have ever tried to install Avada, you know you’re sitting there for quite a long time, because there’s just so much. And you’re probably going to be required to do about 3-4 mandatory plugins with the Avada theme.

This is not the case with Divi.

So far, Divi is already kicking it’s tush. So, let me show you a little bit of what I’ve already done. So, this is my standard WordPress website that I always play around with. I know the colors are a little wonky and weird; but, I was just playing with this, even this morning, and I was able to create this full-width, parallax image, sitting back here. Let me do a refresh so you can see these counters add up, which is super cool. They can add up. Of course, they can be anything you want. I just did four of the same thing. We’ve got a nice little testimonial area, and
some counters right here that just kind of add up with some statistics and, of course, your footer area.

So, this is a very simple page that I’ve built; but, I’m going to take you into it now and show you what it looks like to make any changes to it. Which is crazy cool.

This is also nice, a little hover-over effect. Alright, let’s jump into the edit mode. So, this is the edit mode.

I’m actually on the page where we can make changes to this button if I wanted to.
You’ll see that things are kind of layered together. If I wanted to make changes to this picture back here, I would go into this area and change the image to anything I wanted it to be. Let’s do something like this. I don’t know if that’s a big enough picture. Let’s do this one here.

Upload the picture. That changes out immediately. You can also have a background color on it, instead, if you didn’t want a full picture. You can add a parallax effect or take it off. You can do all sorts of padding, so if this area here is just too tall. You can take that down to about 100 and zip up that spacing for you. It also allows you to do some pretty spectacular things here for responsive issues.

Whether it’s on a phone or tablet or the desktop. So, one of the reasons why you might want to disable this, is if this is a slideshow, and you really don’t want to have the weight of three or four pictures rotating on a cell phone.

So, you could in a sense say “Disable this on a phone” and then, when the customer comes in or your viewer comes in a cell phone, this area would actually hide.

Pretty spectacular.

Doesn’t load, so it doesn’t take that long. So, yeah. You can see that. If we wanted to duplicate one of these, you can see how easy that is with the touch of a button, it’s got an option to duplicate. A lot of these functions are the same as standard page builders. You’re probably saying to me, “Kori, I can already do that with my current theme”. Well, you probably can’t do stuff like this…

So, let’s say (I was telling you about the padding. What if I wanted this padding to be a little bigger, even in this space? I can actually grab this line and drag it and add all that padding in that I want. So, however much space. I don’t actually don’t have to go in and nerd code to do it, and I don’t have to know any CSS to go into a custom CSS file. I can just drag and drop. If I wanted to, again, duplicate this area and add… Let’s add another row, so you can see what it looks like.

You can add a full-width row, which is pretty cool. These specialty layouts are pretty spectacular too. If you wanted some custom layouts here. Let’s just do something pretty straightforward, simple. Let’s try this one.

So, it’s asking here “In this area what would you like to put in this side?” I’m gonna do a two column spread. And now, you get to see some of these cool features that it allows us to see automatically. So, here’s this countdown timer that we had in that hero shot up above.

The number counter there that adds things up. You can do posts. You can do sliders. You can do social media. Here’s that testimonial, little module that I threw in there. You can add toggle bars which is pretty cool. This is a really neat feature here and you can just say, “Check this area out”.

State is going to be closed. And…oops, all this content here. I want you to also know that this is blocking my scenes. You can actually move this editor anywhere you need to move. You’ll be able to come over here and you can even edit in this mode
if you wanted to. All this stuff is cool.

Craziness, right?


So, if I were to go ahead and just click “Check”. Alright. Zip it up. Open it up and you get to see how it kind of plays out. When it’s open it’s gonna have all this content. Toggle open.

When it’s closed it’s just gonna have the title itself. So, you can even play around with these things right here in the front side of your website. Which is again things that my students have asked for repeatedly. Alright, I’ve already kind of proven to you a little bit, about how cool it is and how it totally changes building in the
environment on the front side of your website.

Here’s what I’m going to tell you about why, if you’re a freelancer, you need to looks at this theme, specifically. You know over on themeforest.net, if you buy the Avada theme? The license is only good for one specific domain name, right. So, you can only put it on one website. This particular theme is not that way.

You get to add this Divi theme on unlimited websites. That is insane.

So for $69. A one-time fee of $69. This is one-time per year, you’re able to
use this unlimited. Here’s the other crazy thing. $249, that is a one-time, lifetime access. You get all of themes inside of ElegantThemes.com. You also get access to all the updates, which is super, super important.

You also get access to all their other plugins, so let’s say you had a theme out there already that you’ve been building on and you kind of like what you’ve already got going. But, you’re wondering, “Well, why can’t I just put the fanciness of this page builder inside of that existing website” You can!

They package this Divi builder out on it’s own and you get that with any of these memberships. You get it with the $89 or up and you get access to their plugins.

You guys, I’m kind of blown away with this. If you’re using the Divi theme, will you please mention some comments of your experiences in the thread below? Here’s more from Kori on Divi.

Also, I’ve got a link that I’m going to put in the description box below, that’s going to give you another 10% off of whatever you’re about to purchase, right here.

I’m super excited for y’all. I hope this works out for ya. Let me know how it goes.
Talk to you next week. Bye, bye y’all.

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