Can You Spy On Your Competition? – SEO Tips

Jan 25, 2019 | SEO Tips, Webinars

Can you actually spy on your competition? Can you see your competitor’s SEO keywords? Rebecca starts to explain how you can accomplish this not only – is it possible, she’ll share tools how you can do just that! This video is a shorter clip from a longer webinar hosted by Kori Ashton and special guest Rebecca Gill.

Full Transcript

Hey, y’all. You have found a video on a YouTube channel dedicated to all things WordPress and specifically, this video is going to be a section of a longer webinar that I did with Rebecca Gill. In the WordPress industry, she’s really looked at as one of the leaders in search engine optimization. And in this short clip, she’s giving us the tip of how to look at our competitors online and the importance of knowing what they’re up to. And in the longer webinar, she even reveals her tools that she uses to spy on them. Let’s jump into the video right now and catch this section.

[Rebecca] Once we start to have some information with existing history and data for you, then we start to look at your competitors. You can deep-dive your competitors from their top pages to bring in traffic or URLs or posts to the actual keywords they rank on, changes in their keyword history, where their most traffic comes into the site from, specific keywords, how competitive those keywords are; that information is now available to you on the web.

And it’s really important that you embrace that data because it can help you really make better decisions and better position yourself. And so I always like to have as part of that first research and investigation phase your competitors, and when I say competitors, I’m not talking about who you think your competitors are. That’s a great place to start, but you need to look at specific tools, and I’ll mention some later, that show you who’s your online competition ’cause a lot of times, that’s much different than who you actually think it is.

[Kori] Pretty amazing, right? If you’re ready now to go forward with how to actually do on-site SEO, it’s time to catch the full one-hour webinar. I have that video totally for free right here on YouTube for you. I’m gonna put the link right here. And if this helps you out, please be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. See ya next time.