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Mar 20, 2024 | WordPress Wednesday

🔥 Looking for the best Free WordPress theme? Kori Ashton shows you not only her top pick but also how to install Kadence – 😎

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Video Transcript:

I’m going to show you right now in just a matter of minutes why Kadence is my absolute new favorite WordPress free theme. What?! It’s a free WordPress theme, it has all sorts of really cool templates inside of it. I’m going to show you what they look like right now and I’m going to walk you through how to create this website right here. It’s all going to get done in just a matter of a few clicks. It adds in all of the fake content for you, it adds in the menu options so that you can change those out if you need to. All of these photos are available for you and you’re able to change out and customize anything you need to do. We’re going to get this done in just a few minutes, stick with me as we go install my favorite new WordPress free theme.

So, this is how you spell Kadence and if you come over here, I’ll actually put the link to this landing page in the description box below. If you come over here though, you can take a look at all of the different templates that come under the hood of this one theme. But we’re going to stay in the lane of free for this demo, and so when you click on free, you can come in here again and see some really cool options. If you want to spend some time clicking through them and viewing the full demo site, you can do that as well. For now, though, I just want to move you pretty quickly over to our demo site so that I can actually show you how to build out this template right here.

So let’s jump in. This is my demo site that I have set up, all I have done is gone over and installed WordPress, that is it. Right now, I am running on the 2023 theme sitting here and so that’s why it looks like this. To get started with Kadence, we’re going to go to your dashboard and go to themes, so dashboard appearance themes. Up at the top up here, we’re going to click add new theme over here on the right side, we’re going to type in the word Kadence spelled with a k and press enter. There it is right here, let’s go ahead and click install now. Keep in mind best practice is that you’ve got a totally empty WordPress website, right now I am starting completely from scratch. If you already have content in here that might actually cause some confusion, it’ll certainly overlap your content as we go now and activate this new theme.

Alright, so it’s active right now, let’s see what the front side looks like. Okay, that’s what it looks like, well that certainly doesn’t look like this. How do we get this to look like this? Well, no worries, let’s go in and get it done. Let’s go back to our themes, look right here at the top, how cool is this? They’ve got this button that says install the AI starter templates, let’s do it. Alright, here it goes, generate a starter template with AI or use a classic starter template. For this example, because I want to show you what this looks like, we’re going to go ahead and dive into the classic starter template.

Alright, here they all are, you’re going to note right away that they’ve got the pro label right down here for anything that requires you to upgrade. So for now, if we wanted to, we can just stick with the free version, free only, scroll through, find the demo that you want to install. For this example, we’re going to go find our really cool camping site, Yosim right here. Oh, this is so neat. I’m going to select it, they’re going to give us some options to maybe uh, change out some colors if we want. I’m going to click next, import the full site or import select Pages only. So if you didn’t want to import everything, you certainly have that option. For now, and for the sake of this demo, I’m going to tell it let’s bring it all in. You can say import customizer settings if you want, import the widgets, again I want the full demo so let’s do it next. It’s going to tell us hey in order to get this looking exactly like the demo, we’re going to suggest some plugins for you. Now the required ones are truly the only required plugins so I’m going to just stick with those for now, you can always add whatever you’d like. Let’s click finish and launch and then start the import.

I’m going to let this run in real-time, I am not going to speed up this video, and I’m going to keep talking so you understand this is all happening in real-time for us. It’s very exciting to see how quickly this runs. There are some true benefits behind using a free WordPress template, one well it’s in the budget of free that makes total sense right? But two you also want to consider the fact that you may need to upgrade maybe some plugins to make your website have the function you want. There might also be some downsides to using a free template that I want to warn you about. You certainly want to be sure that it has great reviews and that it has a support team with great documentation so that if you do have any speed bumps or Road Blocks as you’re using this theme, you’ll still be able to access some sort of support.

No worries at all with Kadence, you’ve got all of that right here, a great support team, great documentation, and a phenomenal free template. There it is y’all, success! Let’s see my site, I’m going to click the blue button and there it is, everything I had hoped for. It’s all sitting inside of here and you saw it happen in real-time. Um, this is it, I’m able to go in now, click edit the page, come into my homepage and change any of this content to anything I want it to be. So, I’m going to x out here, go right here, and let’s change in my opinion, there you go. It’s that simple, you can change anything on here, click update, and you are off and running with your own WordPress website completely finished up in just these few minutes. How cool is that?

Let’s come back over here and I’ll show you just a few other really cool things. Um, all of the pages that you saw in the demo are in here under the hood. Um, again you can edit any of these Pages, if we go into the dashboard and go over to the pages view, you’ll see that you have all of the pages sitting here now. Uh, you are even going to have some uh demo posts sitting in here now for you to take a look at, and you’ll have all of the media files sitting in here that you’ll be able to use any way you’d like. And of course, those few plugins that were required are going to sit in here as well. 

Have fun with this, Kadence is a phenomenal theme, obviously, you can choose whatever starter template you want in that free range. But I’m telling you this right now if you do have a budget to upgrade to Pro, you’re going to get even more incredible bells and whistles and really great layouts.

I hope this was helpful for you, if you like this kind of content please like and subscribe. Come back here every single week. I’m here helping you improve your online marketing inside the world of WordPress.  I’ll catch you next time. Bye everyone!

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