What are Blocks in WordPress 5.0?

Jan 16, 2019 | WordPress Plugins, WordPress Wednesday

How to remove the new blocks in WordPress 5.0 and revert back to the classic editor. Simple / Free Fix – Kori Ashton helps you understand why things look different in WordPress 5.0+ and how to get back to the standard look you’re used to inside of the WordPress editor.

Full Transcript

Hey, y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton and this is Ask Kori. Every single Wednesday, I’m creating a video just like this to help you improve your online marketing, specifically inside the world of WordPress.

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Alright, let’s get to it today. If you are struggling because you’ve logged in to your WordPress website now and you are finding all of these blocks, and you’re wondering, what the heck? I just wanna change existing content. How do I make these changes? How do I make these blocks go away? What just happened to WordPress?

Slow down for a minute. That is an update for Gutenberg, the new type of drag-and-drop editor, which is super cool and exciting. But if you’re trying to just make a simple quick fix, and you don’t really wanna go learn all that right now, there is a workaround and it’s a simple plugin. I’m gonna show you what to do right now.

So you’ll be logging in to your WordPress dashboard. And you’ll see if you’re struggling and you see things like this, this is what’s going on here. Go into Edit. I’m gonna show you the view that I’m seeing. And really, I’ve never created a page that looked like this. I don’t know why this page looks like this, right? What happened is that 5.0 update, if you’ve already updated beyond that, you are running something called Gutenberg. And again there’s a simple quick fix.

You’re gonna go to your plugins and click Add New. And we want to go look for Classic Editor. It should actually be on this screen right now. If not, do a quick search up here for Classic Editor. And you’ll have it pull up. This is the one you’re looking for. Go ahead and click Install Now. And, of course, you wanna activate it. As soon as you do that, it will in a sense, overwrite Gutenberg, and allow you to move back to the classic screen that you’re very, very familiar with, and you won’t have any more type of, oh, my gosh, what just happened?

But to give you an idea for those of you who are interested in Gutenberg, and getting to know a little bit more about the editor, there are some really cool tutorials for you to learn all about blocks, learn how simple it is to drag and drop, and add more function and really cool layouts to your pages.

But again, if you’re just trying to get in there make a quick simple fix, go install Classic Editor and the world will be all back to normal again.

I hope you’re having a great one. Be sure to check out my library of videos and subscribe, because every Wednesday, I’ll meet you right here at WordPress Wednesday. Bye bye, y’all.