Events URL is Broken or Not Rendering in Event Calendar

Jun 10, 2020 | WordPress Plugins, WordPress Wednesday

If you’ve been using The Events Calendar plugin for your WordPress website and suddenly the events URL is broken or not rendering your Events Calendar – there is a simple fix that could solve the problem. Try flushing your permalinks with this step-by-step tutorial from Kori Ashton.

Hey y’all, I’m Kori Ashton, and this is another WordPress Wednesday. Really excited today to help you with hopefully what will be a simple fix for you. If you’ve been using the Events Calendar and all of a sudden, it’s gone missing, or if you’ve gone to that forward slash Events URL, and you simply cannot find your calendar, there is a very simple quick fix. This happened to me, I figured out the problem, and I wanna do a video for you today.

Let’s go get it fixed right now. So by default, wherever you’re using the Events Calendar inside your WordPress website, it has a setting in here. If you go into your Dashboard and go to Settings, you go to Events Settings, and then just stay on this General tab right here.

If you scroll down this screen, it has an area here that will help you know what your Events URL slug is. So, if this is in fact events, then your calendar should be showing up right here, as we click that link. But if you’re seeing this, No Results Found area, that can certainly be a problem.

So, for this specific scenario, I’d actually just taken this website live, and it had been running on the staging environment as I was building it out, and everything was working perfectly, but then when I took the website live, my calendar broke. So, going over here to the main WordPress settings area, and jump into Permalinks, and this little simple fix might just be the issue. Without changing anything here, I want you to go to the Save Changes button, and just click Save Changes.

I know that sounds really silly, but just doing that for us, resets your permalinks back to what it should be correctly, kind of overrides what happened in that migration, in that move of your website, if that is in fact what triggered your break.

And now, jumping back to the front side of your website, you should in fact be able to see that calendar living there on the forward slash Events URL. Let’s check. There it is, perfectly rendering down that page, and then all your individual events will render as well. That permalink will perfectly work for you now.

Hey, so I hope that helps you guys. This was a quick fix. If you are struggling still, and that just didn’t do it for you, you are more than welcome to jump over to the dot org link. I put it in the description box below. If you’re using the free version, you can get help there.

If you’re using the paid version of the Events Calendar, the pro version, then you actually have the ability to jump over to their support and put in a ticket with them, and they can help you troubleshoot this further.

All right, y’all, I hope this helps you. Be sure to check out the full suite of the Events Calendar. They’ve got a lot of really cool solutions over there, including now, some really cool solutions for those of us doing virtual events.

So, I hope you’re having a great one. Be sure to click Like and Subscribe and hang out here with me every single Wednesday, as I’m creating content to help you improve your online marketing inside the world of WordPress. I’ll catch you next time. Bye everyone.