Hiding Your WordPress Login Screen?

Jul 24, 2019 | Tech Stuff, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Wednesday

Kori Ashton shares some options for hiding your WordPress login page on your website. Do you want extra security? You can use a plugin or connect with your hosting company for an SSL and additional methods.

Full Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton and today we’re gonna be looking at that login screen that every WordPress website has. Should we, for security reasons, be blocking that or hiding it? I’ve had a lot of you ask me that over the last couple of months and I thought, why don’t we address it?

If you’re interested in my health journey, I’ll address that as well at the end of this video but for now, let’s get to the tutorial.

So we all know that every WordPress website out there has the ability to log in, directly through the browser by going to YourDomainName.com or whatever it might be, /wp-login.php or wp-admin, either one of those gets you to that same login screen that we all know so well but so do the root force attackers and anybody trying to hack your website, right? Whether it’s a robot or person just coming to knock on that door and try to get in your website.

So you want to be certain to have really great security in place and one of the options could be using a plugin to actually hide this particular URL and not allow anybody to type it indirectly and see that login screen. I’ll show you a couple of options right now and give you some of my best advice, what I think are best practices.

Hide Login Page Plugin

So an option for you could be this particular plugin, Hide Login Page. I have used this before in the past. I do recommend it, however, I will say this, it only has 10,000 active installs as of today, it might have more obvious if you’re viewing this video later on down the line. And it’s not really up to date with the version of WordPress that I’m running right now.

So with that being said, I want you to always think about finding a plugin that is very viable and in your budget first of all, right, that you can afford, whether it’s free or premium, you may have to pay a license fee for it as well as be certain that it’s got really great reviews and it is current, really great ratings and easy for you to understand and navigate, right?

Adding SSL to Your Website

Another way you can handle this type of extra security is by adding an SSL to your website, that encrypted security.

Adding Security At Server-Side From Host

Another way to handle it is by your hosting company. And that’s really what I recommend. Doing this type of level of security at the server-side. So talking to somebody like Liquid Web, you guys know that’s who I absolutely admire and love and I host with.

So what you want to have here is a hosting company that allows two-step authentication for you, SSL’s, maybe they themselves have specialized, just like Liquid Web, inside of the WordPress community. So they have their ear to the ground as well, listening to any sort of conversations about high-level plugins that are being targeted for these types of attacks and they know if your website is actually running that plugin so that they can come and add that extra security in place to be certain that that plugin is up to date.

These are all the important steps that you need to be taking to be certain that your website does not get attacked. And another thing to keep in mind is that very easily your website can not only be hacked from this login screen but can also have injectable code dropped in at any of your forms. That’s why it’s just another really great reason to have a great hosting company supporting your particular website, making certain that you have backups in place, I always preach that to y’all right? Be certain you have a backup in place that’s running 24/7 and you know how to get that backup and roll that website back in case it does get hacked or anything goes awry. So I hope this helps.

If you’re able to add in one of these plugins, that’ll give you a better option for security, go for it. If you’re able to talk to your hosting company, see what options they might have. This could be one extra step of level of security to be certain that your WordPress website is safe online. I hope you all are having a great one, stick around if you’re interested in my health journey, we’ll talk more about that next.

Health Update

Well y’all, it has been a crazy last month of my life. On July 2nd, 2019, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and here it is now, a few weeks later, four weeks later or so and I am just getting ready to start chemo and radiation next week, to kick cancer’s tush and be certain that I survive all this.

Right now, they are labeling it as stage three so it is a little bit more advanced. Turns out I have been living with chronic pain for the last 19 months of my life and nobody was able to find this tumor. So thankfully they found it now. I’m very hopeful for a curable outcome in all this and I know and I feel so much support from all of y’all and all the comments y’all have given me.

Thank you so much and I’m not completely up to speed yet, my energy, but I’m gonna do do my best to give us a video at least once a week still and hopefully help y’all continue to build your online presence, your online business, to grow your profit margin, to grow your freelance agency or whatever it is you’re trying to build, your blog, your business site, whatever that looks like. So thank you for your encouragement, all the tweets, man.  Matt, you’re amazing to put out that video for me, thank you so much for doing that, what, just mind-blowing how this WordPress community circled up together so thank you so much for that encouragement y’all and all the tweets and all the comments on the videos, you just blessed my heart.

Stick around with me, I’ll continue to keep you as updated as I know stuff. We did get a PET scan done and the word is that so far the cancer is nowhere else in my body. That’s huge, praise the Lord, go God moment for me. So all right, I will see you all around online and maybe even at a WordCamp or two so be sure to stick around. I’ll see y’all next WordPress Wednesday, bye everyone.