ProfilePress – WordPress Membership Plugin over 300,000 active installs

Apr 5, 2023 | Reviews, WordPress Wednesday

Here are the top five features of the #WordPress Membership Plugin – ProfilePress. If you need to add a content payment gateway, a digital download, courses, or lock only a portion of your content down – this membership plugin can make that happen.

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Top Five Features of ProfilePress

Are you ready to add a membership feature into your WordPress website? Maybe you’re looking to charge for accessing content, or your digital downloads, or your courses. Hey, y’all! I’m Kori Ashton, and I’m about to show you a WordPress plugin that over 300,000 other WordPress websites are using, and you can get started totally for free. But if you have a little bit of a budget, and you can unlock some of these cool features? Here’s their top five.

One Time Payments or Recurring

With ProfilePress, you can set up a one-time payment to access all of your content, or you can set up a subscription model offering them different levels to access, and have auto payments come through on a credit card.

Restrict Content or Meter Content

You can easily restrict what content you want to show or not show by selecting them on every post or page, however you would like them to be able to access things, you can easily identify that here by the user’s role!

Another cool feature that you’re probably seeing around online quite a bit is this meter feature, where you have some of the content revealed, and then it starts to blur a bit, and then goes to a notice to subscribe or log in, to view the rest of the content.

Custom Signup Forms

When your members are ready to sign up, imagine being able to create a custom form with any fields that you like. You’ll be able to do that with ProfilePress’ very simple drag and drop form builder.

Custom Profile Pages for Users

Give each one of your members their own profile page that they would be able to make edits and changes to, to customize the content that they would like to share. They’re also able to edit their own profile from their own dashboard, and access their past orders, subscriptions, or billing information.

And when you’re ready, extend and customize the functionality of your membership site and online business with the additional add-on that are available, all ready, ready to work with your ProfilePress plugin. Here’s the link to ProfilePress Addons, so that you’re able to go over and check out all of these incredible add-ons.

Remember, you can start with ProfilePress totally for free. I’ll put the link in the description box below. You can also take a look at their demo site. That link will be there as well.

If you’re using ProfilePress on your WordPress website, would you let me know? Comment below, and let me know how you’re using their plugin, and what sort of features you love. I’ll see y’all next WordPress Wednesday, bye everyone.

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