What is Safari (in-app)?

Jan 22, 2020 | SEO Tips, WordPress Wednesday

Have you seen Safari (in-app) on your Google Analytics tracking and you’re curious to know what it means? It’s tracking when a user views your website inside an app – or social network for example. This typically happens on a mobile device. Watch this video to learn more.

Safari In-App

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Hey ya’ll, my name is Kori Ashton and welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. Hey, if you’ve been checkin’ out your Google Analytics, and you’ve seen something inside of the OS, or the operating system, device area called Safari in-app and you’ve got questions about it, I’m gonna talk about it right now.

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Google Analytics – Safari (in-app)

So when you drill into your Google Analytics, and you head over here to Audience, and you drill down into Technology, and you see Browser OS, Browser operating system, right. When you look in there, you might just kinda scroll through here and see all the names that you’re very familiar with Chrome, Ruby, Safari, Firefox, so forth and so on.

But down here you might see something that says Safari in-app. So, what does that mean, where is that coming from? Well, it’s actually all to do with a cellphone. So, whenever you have anybody seeing a link for your website inside of Facebook, or any social media for that matter, if they’re running on Safari as their default browser inside of their phone, and they open up inside of that app, it’s gonna open up Safari by default because that’s the default browser on Apple devices.

More than likely, that’s what it’s gonna pull from whenever you start to see this little Safari in-app option. So what does that actually mean for you? Well, what it means is you’re getting some pretty good traffic that they’re actually finding your link inside of those social networks. They’re seeing your link in your profile, and they’re clicking on it, and they’re opening it up. But, it also means that you need to be testing inside of that browser, if you will, inside of that in-app experience.

You need to remember that sometimes websites can look a little different, so you need to be searching your website making certain that you can check out whenever you’re in that in-app type browser environment. Be sure to test all of that.

You also might see a higher bounce rate happen inside of that one particular tract line. Check this out. You’re gonna see here that on Chrome a bounce rate is about 59%, down here on in-app Safari, you’re gonna see 100%.

It’s very common that you’re gonna see that higher bounce rate kick up in an in-app environment. Why is that? Pretty obvious in a sense that they’re just inside of the social network right now. They’re playing around inside of Facebook. They’re looking at cat pictures on Instagram. They’re doing all sorts of other stuff, and they happen to pop into your website for a minute. They’re gonna click their back button and go back to the social network. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing to have that bounce rate be so high. Obviously, you like to have it lower, but I would suggest that you grab your mobile device today and tinker around with your website inside of a social network to be absolutely certain that you can checkout, if there’s a checkout process, or you can fill out the form, or click to call, to be certain that their calls to action can be completed, that conversions can still happen in that in-app experience.

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