WordPress Security Against IP Address Threats

Feb 23, 2020 | Tech Stuff, WordPress Wednesday

You may need additional security on your WordPress website if you’re seeing IP address threats – brute force attacks. Kori shows your IP Threat Blocker plugin that might help you protect your website further.

Full Video Transcript

Hey y’all my name is Kori Ashton and today we are gonna be talking about WordPress security. If you have seen what’s called a brute force attack happening on your website or an IP threat were there are coming in with different IP addresses trying to knock on your door if you will and gain access to your WordPress website You absolutely need to have extra security in place.

So today am gonna show you a new to the market as of today great solution for you that you can plug in your website and add that extra layer of security So this is the WordPress plugin. It is over on WordPress.Org.

You can get it in the regular repository and they even offer a free month right now. They offering this a free month because it is new to the market and they’re wanting more and more people to start using it and to get feedback on it so take a look at it. It does stop a lot of cyber threats.

I also want to mention that you certainly want to check with your hosting company see if there are other solutions that you can to have in place like adding a SSL to your site.

This particular plugin isn’t meant to be your all in one-stop-shop for security. This is just another added layer that there are offering you specifically for blocking IP addresses that are trying to brute force attack your WordPress website. So this is the one you’re gonna actually be looking for you can copy that on your clipboard and you’re gonna come into your WordPress website.

Exploring The IP Threat Blocker Plugin

Once you’re here in your dashboard you’re gonna go ahead and head over into plugins and say add new. Then we are gonna go ahead and do a search for that the IP Threat Blocker right, here it is right here by Musubu right here install now you’re gonna look for that awesome green M and of course you’re gonna activate.

Now that’s activated over here underneath setting you’re gonna a have an IP Threat Blocker plugin and this is where you’ll come right here you will see this. This is were you will actually type in your IP key so this is after you’ve purchased a license you’ll have that to activate here, paste that in and click save. Then you can actually set it to automatically block things any threats, any actually you can see the different things that it will actually start blocking for you automatically if it sense that it is a threat or potential threat to your website or if you want it to go ahead and handle that manually if you feel comfortable with that you can set those manual settings here as well.

They have got a little bit of information on their website that teaches you about that and then you will start to see the IP addresses that become blocked listed down below.

Once you’ve pasted in your API key and click save you will see this site license activated you will see it listed there and your often running, it is literally that simple to add that extra bit of security for you.

Another really cool feature that you’ll have inside the site is now if you go over to tools you’ll see an area that says Site Health. When we click on that it will actually do a quick search for your website’s overall health and you’ll see a little area here that says if it’s good or if there’re issues that you should be aware of and they walk you through the different security steps that you need to take in order to be certain that your configuration is accurate and safe. If you’re interested in learning more about the plugin itself.

I will put the link to their website over here you can come here and see all the different things that it offers. How simple it is to use, the license fee as of today is 20 US dollars per website if you start to purchase these for additional websites or if you’re a developer they do give you price breaks so be sure check that out, cause you can purchase in bulk and that’s sometimes helpful to save some cash.

But overall I’m really interested to see what you think about this plugin. How you’ve been using it and the success you’ve had in securing your website with it. So be sure to comment in the thread below. If you’re interested in purchasing this reach out to them directly again I’ll put the link below.

You can tweet to them once you actually purchase a license you can reach out to them for support as well. If you’ve questions about it, it’s super simple to use you just saw the whole process and just in these few minutes I was able to activate it and get it up and running. I hope this helps you y’all be sure to click subscribe and like this video.

Be sure to come back every single Wednesday I’m creating content just like this to help you improve your online marketing inside the world of WordPress. All right y’all have a good one. I will see you next time, bye everyone.