What are the essentials that I need to build a WordPress website?

Nov 20, 2019 | Beginner's Guide

Starting your project can be as simple as going over to WordPress.com and clicking “Start.” But if you wanted to build out a full website on the self-hosted version of WordPress.org you’ll need a few essentials. These include a domain name like www.askkori.com and hosting which is the server space that holds all of your files online. Kori suggests using Liquid Web for premium WordPress hosting. Other essentials would be adding an SSL for additional security, and a solutions for backups. This can be handled at server level as well, meaning directly through your hosting provider. Or you can add in one of Kori’s favorite plugins called UpDraft Plus.

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Hi you all, my name is Kori Ashton, and you have found a smaller video that’s a part of a larger series that I’ve done called “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide in WordPress.” I hope this helps you, and if you’re interested in learning more about WordPress, I’ll put the link to the full series, 15 videos, at the end of this video so you’ll be certain to find it and be off and running in your WordPress journey. Let’s get to the tutorial.

Domain Name & Hosting

So what are the essentials that I need for building out a WordPress website? First thing’s first, you’re probably gonna want a domain name. Everybody out there’s gonna want a unique domain name that they can know to get to you, like mine, askkori.com. You can purchase your own domain name at someplace like GoDaddy.com. You would come here and type it in, see if it’s available. If it’s available, it’ll say that it’s available, and it’ll tell you how much that is. Typically that’s for the first year. Sometimes you can get discounts, and you’ll want to renew this every single year so that you don’t lose your URL or your domain name.

Liquid Web Hosting

The other thing you’re gonna want is hosting, or server space. This is where you pay to put all of your files so that people from all around the world can find your website. They call it hosting. They host your files, your content, your website. So this is the link I’m gonna ask you to use. Get over here. Get 35% off for three months ’cause this is Liquid Web. In my opinion they’re the absolute best when it comes to WordPress hosting. They’re the most secure. They have excellent support, and they have the one click install for WordPress.org.

Add Security To Your WordPress Site

The other thing that they’re gonna have that’s highly important that you must do is added security for your WordPress website. Remember we talked earlier about is WordPress susceptible to hacks? Of course, it is, but with a solution and a server like Liquid Web will provide for you, you’ll easily be able to have end security in place. You probably wouldn’t even need any extra plug-ins because this would be enough for you.

They would be able to provide an SSL certificate for you that you’ll be able to add to your website that gives you this little lock up here, see this, gives you the little lock that lets everybody know that you’re running a secure website.


Another feature that Liquid Web offers is backups. You absolutely have to have backups in place. So this is another essential that I want to just remind you of. In case something goes wrong where you’re trying to type something and you accidentally delete a whole section of your website, I promise you’re gonna want a backup in place. This type of solution whenever you go with a hosting provider like Liquid Web, they’re gonna be able to give you that functionality included inside of your package. So they’ll automatically backup your WordPress website on their server so that if anything goes wrong, you can go back and click one button and roll your website back.

Updraft Plus

If you don’t have a hosting provider like Liquid Web, you can use another solution. I recommend using UpdraftPlus. They have a great free solution as well in a starter level, and you’ll be able to come in here and go premium if you want to to get all the extra bells and whistles. But for the most part, please have some sort of backup in place running, and this is a great solution for you.


And it isn’t necessarily an essential to have to get started, but a lot of people do like to have an email address associated with their domain name. I recommend having your same email be where you also registered your domain name. So if you go over to GoDaddy and buy your domain name there, you can include an email address easily and quickly. Go in here, and you’re gonna want Email & Office. You’ll be able to add an email package so that you can have Kori@askkori.com or whatever your domain name is.

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