“Open Source” is a descriptor you hear often when referencing WordPress. It means that the code is open to the public to change, edit, manipulate, and resale. People can contribute to the core code and help create a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) that is flexible and powerful. Open Source also means FREE. 🙂 Free is always in the budget! You can use WordPress as a resource to help you build a blog, an information-based website, an online store and even an online community. It has endless potential when you partner the CMS with your imagination.

Is Open Source safe?

Yes – when it’s cared for. WordPress powers 35% of the internet (as of Jan 2020). Because of this massive reach it can have a tendency to have a target on its virtual back. Hackers create bots to scrub the internet and find out of date WordPress sites to spam and even destroy. If you don’t keep your website’s core files, theme and plugins up-to-date, your WordPress website could be susceptible to harm.

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