Part 2 – Organic SEO Best Results

Jan 31, 2018 | SEO Tips, WordPress Wednesday

Here is part 2 of the 3 part series that Kori Ashton is doing on Search Engine Optimization. This time she is talking specifically about organic SEO best results.

Video Transcript

Hey y’all. Welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name’s Kori Ashton and we’re gonna pick up today where we left off last week.

We’ve been talking about Search Engine Optimization. Last week we address paid options. This week I really wanna talk to you about organic options. So there’s only two ways to be found on Google. We talked about this last week. You can either pay to be in the ad area or you can build your website in such a way that Google clearly understands what it is that you do or what you offering. And they, in a sense, reward you with that page one ranking or that position one, two, three high ranking right.

So that’s what we wanna talk about this week. How do we build our website where we’re not having to spend so much money on paid marketing. How do we build our website where it will naturally get rewarded into that page one. So as most of you know this is where I totally nerd out. I love organic search engine optimization and I have a ton of resources on this YouTube channel that specifically speaks to it. So please, please be sure to check those things out, and I’ll be sure to put a link in the description box below so you can find those resources.

Alright so, organic is amazing because you don’t have to bleed the money every single month for paid options right, but here’s what I really want you to clearly understand that building your website to have it ranked and on its own. It takes a while, it’s very, very rare that you want a website and within two weeks or 30 days even, it’s on that page one. It really just depends on the industry that you’re in. How progressive your competitors are around you or in that industry. If they’ve got some really high ranking websites, it’s gonna be a little difficult to launch a brand new site and start to out-rank them immediately.

So organic while it’s less expensive money wise, certainly it’s going to take longer. And it’s gonna take 12 months, two years to start to get your website to really consistently rank high for multiple keywords. So you have to understand and get in your mindset what strategy do you want to do. Do you actually have a budget that you can spend money on ads? Or if not, okay, that’s alright, you don’t have to have that budget but understand then that you have to budget for time, because it takes a lot to build your website to get that ranking reward position of page one.

So what are some things right away that you have to do? This is not a five-minute video. You’ve gotta watch my series of videos in order to do this. I even have an online course you can take. Again I’ll put those resources in the description box below but immediately know, there are some high-level things you must have. You have to have consistent fresh content going in your website. What does that mean? You have to have maybe a blog area on your website where you’re adding good content consistently. You have to be maybe instead of a blog, maybe you’re highlighting new product that you have to sell. Maybe you’re writing up a case study about a project that you completed or you’re writing about a review that somebody is giving you and telling your side of the story.

What you don’t wanna do is just put 25 words on a page and say there’s no fresh content. Google is gonna see that and the only thing that’s gonna signal in their mind is okay, this company is still in business. But it’s certainly not gonna be the high quality of content that Google wants to read and understand that your users want to read. So they’re not gonna reward you for a high-level ranking with you doing 10 words as a blog post, 50 words as a blog post. You really have to put together some strong, good, original, consistent content. You do not want to go over to a competitor’s website or somebody in your industry copy all their article, paste it in your website and put two sentences about what you think about theirs. That’s not the way to do it.

So if your strategy is organic, please, please watch my other videos on this channel because I will give you step by step instructions on the things you must be doing to get your website to rank high. But again, understand there’s only two ways to get found. So you have to have an online marketing strategy that speaks to either one of these. Either paid options, you gotta figure out a budget or organic options and then what’s your strategy for content and to get that high-level ranking alright. One of those two things has to be your solution. Alright, stay tuned next week when I start talking about expectations of these two. What kind of ad thing should I have if I wanna go paid route? What type of effort am I gonna have to put in consistently if I wanna go organic? Let’s look at those two options. I’ll give you some solutions and I’ll see you next WordPress Wednesday. Bye y’all.

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