Pearl WordPress Theme Review

Jul 26, 2018 | Theme Review Thursday

The WordPress theme called Pearl on Themeforest is reviewed by Kori Ashton from  She’s giving it 4 full stars of AMAZING! Wait until you see the features list in this video. Outstanding customer support too from the theme authors.

Here’s the link to purchase Pearl

Full Video Transcript

Hey y’all, I’m Kori Ashton and you have found a video on a YouTube channel dedicated to all things WordPress. And today I’m gonna be showing you a new theme that I’ve come across in the WordPress community called Pearl. Pretty outstanding, you guys. I’m gonna show you how I went from this, which is the 2016 theme, over to this in just a matter of a couple of minutes using one of their demos inside of this theme. It comes with so many different demos, so many different options. I think you’re gonna be really impressed with the price tag as well.

So, again, this really cool layout in just a matter of a few clicks. If you wanna see me do that, stick around as I walk through Theme Review Thursday. So here are some of the things I wanna show you, some of the highlights. This is just gonna be a very quick overview as I’m bragging on this incredible theme. Some of the highlights that I’m kinda blown away with, watch this.

Pearl Theme Price Tag

First of all, look at that price tag right there. That might only be an introductory price tag for a little bit longer so be sure to get this as quickly as you can. But for that value look what this thing comes with.

Plugins Included


Not only the theme, but you have all these different plugins that they have gone out, purchased the license for and added into this incredible package.

  • LayerSlider
  • Rev Slider
  • the visual composer with two different add-ons
  • Custom Login
  • an Easy Social Share
  • Ninja Popups
  • Woo Subscription if you’re running a store

And this one, I’m not seeing anyone do this one so these guys are really cutting edge right now. All the privacy policy and the cookie notifications that you’re having to put on your website right now for your viewers to opt into, this has a built-in solution for that. I’ll show you what that looks like ’cause it’s a really cool add-on for the GDPR. $276.00 worth of value all for right now at $39.00. I know I sound like an infomercial for this but I’m so excited. I think you’re really gonna connect with it too.

Theme Features

But let me show you some of the really cool features that it has for that price tag. One of the things it has is this Mega Menu option. So let’s say that you have a really advanced navigation and you need to have columns. This has it out of the box. There’s something else I’ve never seen before is a drag and drop header. So if you wanted your logo to be in the middle it’s no longer a click of the button or figuring out code. It’s just simply grab it, drag it, drop it, and it sits in the middle of your header. You can put your menu down below. All really cool, incredible features that these guys thought of. So really exciting.


The other thing I wanna show you are the demos. So if you are a corporate company, if you’re healthcare, if you’re construction, if you’re a startup, if you’re in transportation, medical, restaurant; the restaurant has a couple of different options for the menu too, different ways to lay out your menu. There are so many different options in here. You have a shopping cart in here, a booking appointment in here. This Charity one allows you to do fundraisers. That’s an incredible thing with a PayPal solution already out of the box. If you’re trying to stream music, there’s a music, like a band template in here. So, so many options and these guys are constantly adding more so you might even see some brand new ones if you’re checking this out a little bit later down the road.

Transportation Demo


But for the sake of now, I wanna show you how I got to that transportation demo. So that’s what this one’s called, Transportation. I’m gonna get over here right now and show you how to install that. So you’d come to Themeforest, you’d purchase this, you’d get a download zip file, right. That has your theme inside of it. You’d come back over to your testing ground and go in your dashboard, and we’re gonna go to Appearance, and add in the new theme. So we’re gonna upload the theme. And remember, once you get that zip file you’re gonna have to open it up. So you just double-click it, open it up, and inside of there is the actual zipped theme itself.

Because these guys also give you a trial theme if you needed that. So all of those features kinda packed into one. If I go too quickly, though, as this is installing, remember you can always pause me and rewind me. But they also have a very extensive library of videos and documentation. That’s another way these guys have gone above and beyond.

And their support has been phenomenal. As I’ve been reaching out and engaging with these guys they’ve been so super quick to respond to me. They have 24/7 live chat, that’s pretty rare when it comes to theme support for your WordPress install.

So here I go, I’m gonna activate. And now the theme is here. So the first step you need to do is jump back over to Themeforest. You could follow these step-by-step, very simple to get your activation token. It’s just a long code, basically, that says, “Hey, I have permission to be using this.” So I’m gonna put it in there, click Submit, it activates it, and now this theme will show me all my updates for the theme inside of my dashboard. It’s connected with my Themeforest account now. So really great to do that, super important that you do that. So I know what demo I wanna use. If you wanna tinker around with these, you can click on any of these demos over here and go into them, look at them, and see what the inner pages look like, and really experience what the navigation is.

Once you decide which one you want you’re just gonna come here to install demos, and pick whichever one you want. Scroll down through here. They all live right here:

  • Personal Blog
  • Church
  • Lawyer
  • Factory
  • Psychologist
  • Furniture store
  • Renovation
  • Corporate, all sorts of really cool options
  • And of course, I wanted to use this Transportation one

So I’m gonna import. This is something I have never seen before. These guys, I’m gonna go ahead and click setup and let it start working while I’m explaining what it’s doing. It’s actually gonna go in and only install the plugins that are required to run this demo. That’s super helpful. It’s not only gonna install them, it’s gonna go ahead and activate each one of them so that I’m not having to install everything and only use a few. This specifically goes through and it’s giving me that WPBakery builder, the page builder so I can drag and drop. The Rev Slider’s going in here, Contact Form 7, Breadcrumbs, Recent Tweets, and of course, the Demo content.

Now, remember, if you have Happy Forms that you’d rather be using or Gravity Forms that you’d rather be using, you don’t have to opt-in to use these specific things. But because we’re telling it, “Hey, I wanna use the demo.” it’s gonna go ahead and load all this in for me. So while that loads for a second, I’m gonna pause, I’ll be right back. Okay, just like that. It’s already done. You can see everything’s imported, activated and installed. I can click here to view the site, it’s gonna open it up and show me everything that’s already living here, ready to go for me. It’s all active, it’s all clickable, it has all the inner pages already in place, things are already working, it’s just ready to go for me.

So I could come in here now and click at the top up here to edit with the visual composer option, WPBakery, where I can get in here right now and make all my changes, all my edits to the page easily and quickly on the fly without having to know any code for columns or any code for font sizes or anything like that if I wanted to make any changes to this. Super easy, simple to do. “What makes us special “is teamwork.” That might be one word, let’s see, teamwork. Save changes, Save, see it right there, Update, Done, close this.

Super simple to do. You guys can change icons on the fly, all the wording, fill in the blanks, super simple. I told you, just a matter of clicks. In just a few minutes and you’ve got all the content living here. Inner pages already there, ready to go. So a super exciting resource for you.

Backend Options

Now, another way these guys go kind of above and beyond amazing is they’re gonna give you some incredible options on the back end of the dashboard. So you can go into the customize area. So if you really wanted to get in here and just dig deep on everything, you’ve got options for your header, you’ve got, and that’s that drag and drop area I was telling you about where you can move things easily and quickly.

And if you didn’t want your social icons in the header you just get rid of it. Say, “OK, I’m ready to delete the item”, done. Click Submit and that changes in place. You can change all of your colors.

Look at the typography options here. This one is one really where authors forget to let you have the flexibility. All of your header fonts you can change just on the fly here. Colors, change them to anything you want them to be. And you get to see an example of what they look like as you make those changes. So I love that feature, phenomenal feature.

These guys also give you options for certain pages. You get to get in here and change your 404 page, your general settings across the board. They have 24 different layouts for your blog so that your blog can look completely different if you want it to. Of course, if you have a shop area where you have an e-commerce store, they give you options here for how those layouts happen. Just incredible.

Plus, there’s this section that would normally require a lot of other plugins, different functionality:

  • Events calendar
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • Success Stories
  • all sorts of different options living here

And you just toggle them on. If you wanted to use Donations, toggle it on, do your settings, click Submit, and you’re off and running to have that feature inside of your website.

Truly these guys have thought of absolutely everything. I’m so impressed with them. If you like the Pearl theme, please put in the thread below some comments. Let me know what you’re thinking about it. If you have questions, reach out directly to them because they’re excited to hear from you. I’m sure they wanna help you. They’ve got great support. I’ll put the link to that, of course, right here in the description box below as well so you can reach out to these guys. I’ve been super impressed with this. Be sure that they’ve got the amazing reviews if you’re watching this later on down the road. Be sure they’ve got these strong reviews and really great sales. I know you’re gonna love this theme. I hope you’re having a great one and I will see y’all next week. Bye everyone!