WordPress Themes with Different Layouts

Oct 4, 2017 | Theme Review Thursday, WordPress Wednesday

Kori Ashton shows you how to make your WordPress site stand out with a new page layout. These WordPress themes with different layouts are just what you need to give your site a new, cool user experience!

Full Video Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPressWednesday. I have to give a shout-outright away to everybody who attendedword camp San Antonio 2017. You guys, thatweekend was amazing. Thanks so much forall the awesome encouragement, and I hopethat you’re finding this YouTube channel;if for the first time, you’re gonna beable to click around and find all sortsof really cool information here. We haveover 200 videos and every single Wednesday I’m creating something likethis to help you inside of yourWordPress world. So stick around, staywith me, and hang out every Wednesday.

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Today I want to show you five totallydifferent layouts, some themes that youmight not know existed in case you’rejust bored with the usual and very, very typical layout where you have a logoover here the menu over here and stuffdown the page. I want to give you somenew ideas, some new layout concepts and,the first two I want to show you areinside of elegant themes, these are twothemes.

So the first one is called Gleam.Check this out. This is a really uniquewebsite where I can’t actually scrollanywhere but look right here; the menugives me something totally different sowhen you’re hovering over this– reallycool– your logo can be right here in thisspace. Hover over, click about, the userexperience is just beautiful in thiswhole theme. Just a really cool concept,and click through and go to portfolio,blog, and click through here if you havebeautiful imagery. So this theme isreally spectacular and something totallydifferent like we haven’t seen in a longtime so check that one out. I’ll put thelink to any of these in the descriptionbox below.

Gleam wordpress theme

The next one is anotherelegant themes template called Originand look at the user experience here,just incredible. So you can imagine kindof this beautiful gallery type of layoutof all your different blog posts. Whenyou click in the user experience stillallows the menu to be on that leftside. Really cool structure and layoutdown the page. Of course you want to keepin mind you really don’t want a superlong menu over here so if you have ashort option for a few menu items youcan have that here. Really cool thoughhow it even opens up and allows peopleto just kind of browse through thewebsite. So really cool user experience inthese two. Again they’re both fromelegant themes, I’ll put them in thedescription box below.

Origin wordpress theme

Avada! We all know Avada exists, but didyou know that there’s two really coolchild themes inside of it? So when youpurchase it you get these child themesin here. And the first one I want tohighlight is the Cafe, this is abeautiful layout. Again, we see the menurunning down the left side, but look atthe scrolling. It’s just beautiful. As it scrolls up there’s this really coolparallax effect that can happen, thelayout is just minimal and beautiful. Ireally like the idea too of this darker color palette. It’s not fully a dark, darkblack but it still gives you this reallynice kind of elegant tone.

Avada cafe WordPress theme

So beautifulthemes, check that one out, and another one inside of here is for an app.Now thismight look pretty standard, you know thelogo on the left side the menu acrosshere, but watch as we scroll down andit’s actually now the scrolling up, Iwant you to see this really cool userexperience that’s highlighting the app’scapabilities here. Watch the phone for asecond, watch as we scroll. Look at that,such a cool effect, as I go screen toscreen we get to see the phone stay inplace and those images kind of change aswe’re highlighting different features ofthe app. Super cool user experience and,again, I’ll put the link to this Avada mobileapp child theme down below in thedescription box.

Avada mobile app wordpress theme

And the last one I’mgonna show you is a free theme, at leastyou can start out free, with a Sydneytheme. Really cool theme here, a lot ofreally cool options, and this is in thebudget of free. And if you do want toupgrade you can certainly do that aswell to go to the pro version for thistheme, the Sydney theme. It’s a little bitstandard with the logo on the left sidein the menu across here, but other thanthat got some really cool features, Ihope this helps you.

Sydney wordpress theme

I will see you nextWordPress Wednesday, bye y’all!