WordPress Theme Compatible with Gutenberg – Gutenberry

May 28, 2020 | Theme Review Thursday

Looking for a great WordPress theme compatible with Gutenberg then Gutenberry from TemplateMonster might be the perfect minimalist solution. This WordPress theme comes packed with 11 extra Gutenberg blocks, 6 child theme layouts, and several layout blog versions to choose from. TemplateMonster also offers its “One Membership” that gives you access to unlimited use of this theme and much more.

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Gutenberry WordPress Theme for Gutenberg editor (TemplateMonster)
ONE Membership by TemplateMonster

Full Video Transcript

Hey y’all, my name is Kori Ashton and this is a bonus video. This week I am giving you an extra video that’s gonna talk about Gutenberry. That’s right, I said Gutenberry. That’s kind of a fun name, right? This is new theme over off of TemplateMonster that is specifically for WordPress to use with the Gutenberg editor.

Highlights of a Theme Compatible with Gutenberg

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to make a really cool, minimalist style WordPress blog this might be the theme for you. Lemme go show you some of the highlights. So this is it, this is Gutenberry. A very, very minimalist approach to a WordPress bloggers theme.

This theme really allows you to have all of your content be the focal point. There’s no flashiness. There’s no weird distraction with other shapes or colors on the page. This really allows your content to just shine through, which really is what you want if you’re gaining all your traffic to come over and read your content, right?

This allows you to have optimization inside of it for SEO.

This also would allow you to have optimization inside of it if you have affiliate marketing. You can do all of that out of the box, right?

And remember that this is a Gutenberg driven theme so you’re able to use the blocks that you’re familiar with inside of the Gutenberg builder.

This also comes packed with 11 additional content blocks inside of it that give you just a lot of power.

The other cool aspect of this theme is that it has six internal child themes that you get to chose from. All these different looks and layouts here that you can choose from and I’m gonna challenge you to go over here and play with them, look through each one of them. This one that I just scrolled through is beautifully minimal. It also gives you an idea to do something like this that allows you to have video running in this hero scene.

They have options for your header layout where you might have your left-align logo and your menu in the center. You’ve got your search bar inside of there as well. It has this really cool modal pop-up happening.

And just really cool ideas for different styles of layout, again all centered around your content being the focal point and this was really a one click install for me. In just a matter of minutes you can click and install all the demo content if you want as well which is super nice ’cause what that does for you is it allows you to come in here and just change out this text right here to whatever you want it to say, swap the picture with your picture and you’re off and running. You didn’t have to code anything at all.

The other thing that this is gonna provide for you is a couple of different options when it comes to your category pages inside of your blog. If you’re looking for maybe a grid layout, there’s this grid layout here where you can just have these, kind of, sit across the screen. This is what your post would look like without a featured image. This is a post with a featured image.

And you kinda see what this masonry-style layout could look like if you have different sized images. It still all plays really nicely and takes that all into consideration. So they’ve really thought through this theme and given you a lot of really cool options.

Gutenberry Price

Let’s talk about price tag. If you’re familiar with TemplateMonster you know that each one of their licenses is for one specific install, right? So this is $75 US for one website.

But did you know that TemplateMonster now offers the ONE membership. You get absolutely everything, unlimited access for the entire year coming in here at this price tag. I can’t brag on this enough to tell you guys what value you have here if you’re able to come in here and grab up this membership and use these assets.

You not only get WordPress themes, you get some plugins, you get some other presentation templates, some graphics and you can put them on unlimited projects. So please be sure to check out the ONE membership and I’ll put a link to that in the description box below.

So if you’re a WordPress blogger and you’re really trying to figure out how to have that minimalist approach when it comes to the look of your content and everything that you’re finding just seems either really cheapy lookin’ or maybe it’s still just a little too bland for you and maybe you want a little bit of a step up even with that minimal layout, I think Gutenberry is the perfect fit for you.

Hey if you get to pick up the ONE membership, please be sure to let ’em know that Kori Ashton sent you their way. Give them a review for any of their products that they’re using because they love to hear your feedback as well.

Alright y’all, I will see you next time. Be sure to like and subscribe because every week I’m right here creating fresh content to help you improve your online marketing inside the world of WordPress. All sorts of tutorials on this channel, over 400 videos that I have here just for you to go check out. I’ll see you next time. Bye everyone.