Find Images for Your WordPress Website

Feb 17, 2016 | Web Design Tips, WordPress Wednesday

How do you find Images that are free or legal to use on your WordPress website? Kori gives you a few resources to make that step simple.

Video Transcript

Hey y’all! Welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton here at WebTegrity in San Antonio, Texas.

You guys, I’m so sorry that I missed last week. I missed y’all and I know you’ve chimed out to me on Twitter and on our YouTube channel here even commenting that you miss me. I’m sorry! As you can see, I’m in a totally different office space. That’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve been moving office spaces (nightmare.) Anyway, I can’t miss another WordPress Wednesday so I wanted to pop in here just this week and give you a couple of my favorite resources for finding stock photography.

Photos can make or break your website. If you have cheesy photos that are distorted, or kind of pixelated, or because you had a such a tiny image you took with your cell phone you had to blow it out of proportion-just don’t do it. You want to invest just a little bit if you can into some really great images. While (personally) stock photography is not always the best option because google loves seeing fresh photos, original content, your content. Right? You can always just do that by taking a quick picture with your cell phone of a happy customer or take a quick picture with your cell phone with (you know) a really cool hamburger if you’re a restaurant. Whatever it is, take a great shot from your cell phone.

If you can’t do that though and you’re like,”No I really want to lean on the professionals to get my website looking spectacular.” Here are a couple of websites online where you can go do that.

Alright. So let’s check this out.

UPDATE 2021 – Check out this working Google Sheet for even more!! –

There’s (of course) in the Envato marketplace, there’s one called ‘Photodune’ right here. So you can check that out. You’ll just go to photodune.netand come see some really great images. One of the things I like about these guys is if you have a budget of $1 you can buy a photo here. What that does is it gets you license to use that image (basically anywhere without re-selling it)and you can use it in your website if you buy a large enough size for $5 you can use it in print. So in your brochures or whatever you’d like so that you’re keeping that same beautiful branding across the board wherever people are finding you whether it’s on your Facebook-all your social media. You can use it that way, alright. You’ll want to checkout

There’s also Dollar Photo Club. I’m trying to keep us in the budget (right) and figure out if we can just afford a couple of bucks to get some really nice images. Very typically across these sites you’re going to see that you can buy smaller images for $1. If you want larger images for the fullwidth size (where it’s spreading the fullwidth of the screen like this example) then you want to buy the larger size and have it fit in there.

There’s also These are going to get a little bit more pricey though. This is a company by Getty Images. You’re definitely going to be spending more dollars here but these are a little bit more elites they’re not used as often because they are more expensive and you’re going to have a lot more to
choose from here.

If you’re doing a search, what you’re looking for are royalty free images or ‘stock images.’ That’s the phrasing that you’re looking for so that you can legally use these images once you purchase (basically) a license for a couple of bucks to use these images.

Then there’s also this one which I just think is pretty spectacular because of its name. It’s called ‘Death to Stock.’ It’s basically the fact that stock photography sucks and this company decided to go out and find some really great photographers that are creative and resourceful and just kind of give us a totally different look so you can pop in here and checkout all the different photographers and their style and grab some of their images for a very reasonable price as well.

So, I hope this helps y’all. I hope you take time to really invest in quality imagery for your websites. Truly that’s going to set you at a different level of professionalism to anybody who visits your website. I hope that helps and I hope you’re sticking with me in this awesomeness of WordPress Wednesday.

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So, I’ll see you next WordPress Wednesday.

Bye y’all!