Turn a PDF file into a Flipbook or EBook

Nov 16, 2016 | Web Design Tips, WordPress Wednesday

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Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday.

My name is Kori Ashton here at WebTegrity in San Antonio, Texas and we are WordPress nerds! We love anything to do with WordPress. We develop custom WordPress themes here at our digital marketing agency and we do this YouTube channel, every single week, on every Wednesday. It’s just our way to give back to the community. Today’s topic doesn’t necessarily have to deal with WordPress. But, I am going to show you how to embed this inside of your WordPress website.

Today’s video is all about how to turn a PDF file into a really cool flip book. You’ve seen these online probably and they’re even mobile friendly these days. Check this out. I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

If you have a PDF file, you can actually create it so people can click through back and forth, back and forth. You can zoom in if you want to. Zoom out. You can even go full screen if you’d like to. To create an actual e-book experience, basically. People can experience like they’re reading your book by flipping through pages. It’s pretty darn cool. You can even grab and drag if you want to. Click up here. Let’s see…

You can pull it over if you wanted to and flip the page manually with your mouse. Kind of something cool.
Anyway, I want to show you how to do that. This particular website that I’m playing on right now, I have no idea how to pronounce the name. I’m gonna think it’s Iss-U. I have no idea. I-S-S-U-U dot com. Allows you to do this for free and free is always in the budget. If you watch my channel you know that’s what I say. Let me show you how to do it here. Of course, the free version comes with some ads; but, if free is in your budget that’s what it needs to be. So, you’ll go to the dot com and I’ll put the link in the description box below and you’ll create a free account and then you’ll have this area where you can upload your content. I am going to just drag and drop my PDF file, right there. There you go.

It will upload just for a second. It takes a little time depending on how large your PDF file is. You certainly want to optimize your PDF file so that it loads quickly. Especially if there are a ton of images inside of it. Then, you’ll just go ahead and fill out this cool information here. You can put a description, as well. Very cool. You can say this is just a preview if you’d like or you can leave that unchecked. You can allow people to download things if you’d like to. Download the PDF file.

You can also include detectable links; but, that’s only if you include the premium plan. The price actually isn’t that bad. I’ll show you right over here. $35 a month. Again, that’s if you want no ads and fully customizable so you can put a background on in and really do an upgrade. So, that’s pretty cool.

Bouncing back over here. Just fill out these things and go ahead and click “Publish Now”. This literally has taken not even 30 seconds. Done. You can look at it and check out final publication. So, it takes just a second to pull up. It does start off a little small at first and then it will click and build out here. Alright, so this is our PDF file. It has 15 pages in it that I uploaded. You can see that I can click through and see all the beautiful photos. The whole entire PDF file. Again, if you wanted to zoom in, you could zoom in and read everything and see everything so easily and beautifully. If you wanted to, this comes with it’s own link over here on Issuu.com or you can embed it on your own website.

So, check this coolness out.

If I back this out here and go back to my account…I can go to my publication list here and there’s our beautiful PDF and an embed option. I click on “embed”. It’s gonna ask me to go ahead and maybe set some of the styling around it. I can set the width if I’d like to. Maybe 900 and it’s automatically going to adjust my height. I can set a different background color if I’d like to do something a little different. I don’t know. Put it red. Who knows. Something bold and bright. You can set it to be a single page layout
or open up to a double page layout. Then, of course, right here at the bottom allows us to save and get code. This is the nerd code that you would copy on your clipboard. Just click to copy. Jump into your WordPress website and you want to be inside of a text mode, which we call the “nerd code” mode. You’d paste in that little bit of nerd code and I’ll show you what that looks like on the front side of the website. There it is there, embedded through and you can click to read. I clicked it into full mode. There you go. Click to read through everything.

See these little ads that I was talking about. That’s how they allow you to have a free version. So, if you wanted that to not be that way, of course you could opt out of that by purchasing a paid subscription. You guys it’s that cool and that fun. It gives the reader something a little different and of course you could send them the link to see specifically this one PDF file if you didn’t want it embedded on your website. There are all sorts of different way that you can do that.

I hope this video help you today and I hope you’re having a great WordPress Wednesday. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel because every Wednesday we’re producing something like this where it’s something to do with improving your WordPress website. It’s something to do with bettering your online marketing. Maybe we’re even talking about SEO or social media marketing. Something to do around the world of WordPress. Hope you’re having a great one and I’ll see ya next WordPress Wednesday. Bye, y’all.


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