5 Tools You Can Use to Upcharge – Sell

Feb 21, 2018 | Business Tips, PressTribe, WordPress Wednesday

Here are 5 tools you can use to upchargeor sell whenever you are selling your WordPress services. You can add these to your toolbelt to see if you can use them on any of your projects or impress some of your clients maybe upcharge a little bit.

Video Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton. Here at WebTegrity in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. And this weeks video is gonna be five different resources that we use pretty much on a regular basis that I just kinda want to share with you. You can add these to your toolbelt to see if you can use them on any of your projects or impress some of your clients maybe upcharge a little bit.

built with - tool you can use to upchargeThere’s some really cool resources so five of them, here we go, starting with what you might already be aware of, if not, this one you’ll definitely use on a daily basis. This one’s called BuiltWith.com and basically what you do is come over here and type in any domain name for that matter and do a quick look up and it’ll tell you exactly you know, all sorts of cool details about it but this is what you’re looking for. Why are they built on WordPress? What kind of plugins are running? What sort of technology is in place? Just really cool kind of big brother creepy stuff that you can go find out. Now this isn’t going to tell you everything about the website but it’s gonna give you some really cool little insights that make you sound really stellar smart. Especially if you happen to be maybe pitching to a potential client on the phone and they’re talking about their website and you want to know right away what you might be dealing with. While you’re on the phone type in this domain name really quickly and do a quick search and basically get some ideas of what they’re running right now and what their system would be if you inherited it.

Alright, so let’s do this. Let’s go for another option here would be. What WP theme is that? So now we’re talking about WordPress only to figure out what theme are they running? You can type in a domain name here and the results will tell you what type of theme or if it’s a custom theme or if it’s theme out there that’s available to purchase.

So super cool idea there. Another resource you’ll probably use on a daily basis is going to be the who is lookup? So this, you guys, if you’re wondering who owns a domain name, when it’s set to expire or needs to be renewed, who the contact point is, what’s their phone number. You can typically find that information here because that’s all typically public domain unless they privately registered their domain and then that information would be privately not accessible to us so check this out. Of course, always upload quick links to it in the description box below.

Another really cool resource that we use consistently is Uptime Robot. Have you ever wondered if your website ever was down? Well, you certainly don’t want to have your website go down if a live traffic hits especially for an event. If you’re thinking about certain clients that you have maybe you want to get a notification to your cell phone or to your email if a website is struggling or getting hit by too many visitors and you’re having issues with your hosting. So please go in here, check out Uptime Robot. Add a two years support package. Tell a client that you can support watching and monitoring their website literally every second of the day to be sure we have no downtime.

The fifth resource I want to bring to your attention is a tool called SessionCam and there’s a lot of different tools out there like this but this is certainly one of our favorites and it offers a free trial period for you to run. A lot of you might already be using some sort of heat map tool or some sort of tracking on your website to see where visitors are coming from, what pages their landing on, what they do when they’re on your site but did you know that you can actually video record? Now it won’t be like you seeing their face. What you’ll see is their mouse on the screen, clicking on different things and you’ll actually get to watch their experience. What’s cool about that is you also get to see their experience on a cell phone and two or three inch size screen or on an iPad so if you’re not cross testing across all those devices it’s really important for you to see how a user either experiencing a great moment on your website on those devices or potentially struggling so that you can make some adjustments.

Hey ya’ll, those are five resources for you again I’ll put the links to all five in the description box below. If you have ideas or resources that you use in your toolbelt, will you put them in the description below and the comments below and we’ll let them get shared with whole WordPress community here. I hope you’re having a great WordPress Wednesday. I’ll see you next week. Bye ya’ll.

BuiltWith – https://builtwith.com

WhatWPThemeIsThat – http://whatwpthemeisthat.com

Whois Lookup – https://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp

UpTimeRobot – https://uptimerobot.com

SessionCam -https://sessioncam.com