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Apr 1, 2021 | Divi Theme, WordPress Wednesday

– Hey, y’all I’m Kori Ashton, and this is another WordPress Wednesday. Have you ever wanted to have a fixed banner that lives on your page for the viewer to see at all times as they’re scrolling down your page? Well, if you’re running on the Divi theme, I’m gonna show you right now how to do this fix. Do you see this banner right below me? This stays on the screen no matter what, and I’ve got it where it lives all the way until right before my footer, and then it’s going to attach on the page and stay at a top of my footer. How cool is that?

If you wanna do this, I’m gonna show you right now, and it’s all in the budget of free. So just as a quick example here, I’ve already logged into my WordPress website, but I am running on Divi, I’m on my homepage, and you’re seeing that banner stay fixed right down here in the footer area. As I scroll down, it’s gonna stay on my screen all the way down. And then it’s gonna lock into place right before my footer begins, I’m using a global footer here. So it’s a really, really cool fixed option, and I’m gonna show you how to do that right now. So let’s go ahead and log into your website, and go to the page that you want this banner to run. And go ahead and click Enable Visual Builder. And opening that up, you’re going to see it still live right here in my footer area on the screen, right? If you open up the gear, and go into the Section Settings and go to Advanced, you’re gonna find an area called Scroll Effects. Do you see that here? Open up that little drawer, and you’re gonna see by default, you’re probably gonna see it read, Do Not Stick, right? Because we want it to just be a regular component on the page. That component right now for me lives right down here, that’s how I built it initially. It’s right before my global footer begins. So it’s actually the very, very bottom of this page. But I want this to live and stick to the bottom of the page no matter where the person is scrolling on my page. Do you see how it automatically did it, y’all? And these are just the default settings inside of Divi, I haven’t gone in and tinkered with anything else. You certainly can play around with these different settings if you wanted to. But for me, I really just wanted to leave the rest of it.

The default settings, I’m gonna go ahead and click Check, and it is going to stay sticky now on the screen. You can put a button inside of here and have people click over, I’m gonna go ahead and click Save, so you can see the active version of this without the Divi editor. I’m gonna exit out of the Builder. So you can have a link here, and have them move and click over to it.

An external link and internal link, you could highlight an event. You can make an announcement, you can promote a product, anything like that, it’s a super cool feature to have. And even when you’re running, like I am right now, a fixed header. This is a really cool solution to have that kind of fixed content, additional call-out on a page. All right, y’all well, you’re obviously running on the Divi theme, and if you’d like to find other tips and tricks, I have an entire playlist right here. I’ll put that in the description box below, so you can go check it out. All sorts of cool things to do inside of the Divi theme. Plus, since you’re on WordPress, be sure to click Like and subscribe because every week I’m hanging out right here with you to help you improve your online marketing inside the world of WordPress. All right, have a great one. And I will see y’all next week, bye everyone.

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