Kori Ashton shares her favorite tool for adding closed captions to her videos and blog. Check out https://www.rev.com/blog/coupon?ref=koriashton and use this link for $10 Off Happy Transcribing!

Full Transcript

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Rev.com For Closed Captions

All right, y’all, you’re here to watch a video on what I suggest you do for all of your videos for yourself and for your clients. What tool do I use to add a transcript, the closed captioning that you see below me? How do I do that so easily and quickly, and how do I do that on every single one of my videos? I’m gonna show you the tool I use right now. This is it right here. It’s rev.com. R-E-V .com. I’m gonna give you a $10 off your very first order, so be sure to use my link in the description box below so you can get this discount.

Cost and Services

rev cost

But guys, this is only a dollar per minute, so if you have a four-minute video, it’s only gonna cost you $4.00. If you have a 10-minute video, $10.00, and so forth and so on.

It’ll provide a transcription of your audio or video, it can provide captions, and it can even provide foreign subtitles. If you like to translate your video into Spanish, Japanese, whatever language you like, they’ve got a lot of different options for you here.

It’s trusted by a lot of different people. I have used it literally for years now as I’ve transcribed all of my videos on my YouTube channel. It’s really important that you do the transcript because of two reasons:

  • One, you’re gonna be able to take that same transcript and go put it on your website in your blog area so that you’ll actually have text around your video that you embed, but also you’ll be able to give that transcript to YouTube and embed it in the video itself so that YouTube now clearly understands what your video is fully about.
  • And it’ll help increase the ranking of your videos.

This is a really important step that you cannot skip. And I know it sounds like, gosh, that might add up if you’re paying a dollar a minute. But really, truthfully, it’s worth every single dollar every single minute because this is what’s gonna help you rank higher on your website and rank higher with your YouTube videos.

Selling Rev As A Service

The other thing you want to keep in mind is that this is a great technique to sell, to sell as a service to any of your clients that need SEO because this is gonna give them that boost that they’ve been looking for. Let’s say your client has created three, four, 10, 30 videos, and they live on the website.

You can now go get those transcribed and make blog articles out of each and every one of those, and really help them start to rank even more powerfully than they were before. It’s a really important tool.

I can’t recommend it enough, and be sure to use the link below so you get 10 bucks off. Go try it, see what you think about rev.com. Hey, I hope this has helped you.

If you’re interested in my health journey, stick around. I’ll give you a quick update here in a couple of minutes.

For those of you off and running today, I hope this has helped you and encouraged you that you can find great resources online and you can definitely find them on my channel. Be sure to subscribe because every Wednesday I’m creating a video just like this to help you improve your online marketing inside the world of WordPress.

All right, I’ll see y’all at WordCamp US coming up November 1st. If you’re able to be there, I’d love to see you there in St. Louis. If not, I’ll catch you next time online. Bye, everyone.

Health Update

Hey y’all, thanks for sticking around and checking out my health journey. I just got a report back yesterday from my doctor that things are healing very nicely from the surgery that I had done three weeks ago now, and she’s pretty confident that the interstitial radiation that I had done, internal radiation, was able to treat my mass as I am battling cervical cancer. As moving forward now, I just have to wait, let my body heal. In December, late December, close to Christmas, I should be able to have my PET scan done and know if I’m in remission or not. Kind of understand my status at that point.

Right now for the next 65, 75 days or so, I’m on hold, kind of just trying to recover and gain back my strength and my energy. Put a little weight back on cause I definitely shrunk down quite a bit with all the radiation and the chemo treatments. But, your encouragement and all of your DMs and emails and tweets and cards that you’ve written to me have been such an encouragement.

Thank you so much. I love logging on to my YouTube channel and checking out all of the comments that y’all have just showered me with, so thank you so much for all the encouragement. I feel your prayers, I feel your good thoughts, and I certainly read them and am encouraged by them. Thank you so much, y’all. I am hoping that I am in full remission and that the new year of 2020 will look really different for me.

WordCamp US

Again, those of you that might be able to make it to WordCamp US coming up in St. Louis in November, the first weekend in November, I hope to see you there. Come by, say hi to me. I will be speaking at the event, so hopefully, you can make it to my workshop. Holler at me, let me know that you found me on the YouTube channel. That’s always such an encouragement to me. We’ll take a quick selfie, and I’ll put it on my Instagram channel or something fun like that. All right, y’all, thanks so much again for all the encouragement. Y’all have a great one. Bye, everyone.