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Nov 1, 2023 | Reviews, WordPress Wednesday

WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin for your website by MotoPress. Kori covers the Free version as well as the pro version of this appointment booking WordPress plugin.

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Free version –
Pro version –

Embed in your WordPress website – free version
Customize experience – free version
Manual or Auto Approve Appointments – free version
Accept payments – pro version


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Video transcript
Hey, y’all. Let’s take a look at Motopress’s appointment booking plugin for WordPress.
Now you know MotoPress, They offer free and premium plugins and themes for WordPress. We’re gonna focus on their appointment booking plugin. Now this allows customers to come to your web site, select a day and a time that they’d like to schedule with you, and if required, even make a payment directly on your website. I’m gonna show you all of these features inside of the free and pro version now.
Hey, y’all. I’m Kori Ashton. MotoPress reached out to me and said, hey, Can you take a look at our appointment booking plugin? And I am blown away even by what’s under the hood for the free version.
Stay with me right now as I walk you through it. First step is to log in your WordPress website, jump into plugins area and click add new. Here, in the top right hand corner, we’re going to search for WordPress appointment booking plugin, and you are looking for this one right here. WordPress appointment booking plugin by Moto Press.
We’re gonna go ahead and click in all now and activate.
Your first step is to jump into the settings now, and that’s over here under appointments.
And settings.
This is where you’ll just wanna go ahead and configure all of the basics. But notice even in free, I have got a lot of options. So your first option is to choose your time setup if you’d like your appointments to run-in increments of ten minutes, fifteen minutes, whatever you’d like. We’ll go ahead and leave this as the default thirty minutes.
You also have confirmation mode three different options here. Confirm automatically once they click submit, allow an admin to have to manually approve the appointment or even confirm only upon payment. That’s always nice. You can then go ahead and select your terms and conditions page. You can allow for multiple bookings.
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