Black Friday – 30% Off 10Web Booster – Lifetime License

Nov 21, 2022 | WordPress Wednesday

Black Friday Deal – Get 30% OFF 10 Web Booster
10Web Booster has partnered with Cloudflare to improve the speed of your #WordPress website. This is a powerful duo and you’re sure to get the pagespeed you’ve been looking for.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial for connecting the Cloudflare CDN with 10Web

Here’s how to plugin in the Free version –

Full Video Transcript:

Hey y’all I’ve got a 30% off a lifetime license on the 10Web Booster. Just a few weeks ago, I showed you a really cool case study about how I plugged in this solution to boost my page speed on my WordPress website. If you’re running on a WordPress website it’s very likely that that site is slow and we know that Google wants it to be super fast. So let’s get that resolved today by plugging in the 10Web Booster. Hey y’all, my name is Kori Ashton and welcome to a bonus video this week. With all the deals going on I wanted to bring you this 30% off lifetime license coupon for 10Web Booster. If you don’t know what that is I’m gonna tell you all about it right now. This of course is the tool that I’m talking about, the 10Web Booster. If you visit, you will be able to find it here. I’ll also put the link in the description box below. Did I mention there’s even a free option for this tool? You can find it in the repository. Again, I’ll put the link to that free version in the description box below but when you’re ready to go pro be sure to jump over here and grab that license. The exciting thing about this solution is that they’ve partnered with CloudFlare that great content delivery network system that’s gonna add in that site performance, that boost of speed that you need to keep your customers happy and excited about visiting your content especially on mobile devices. So let me show you how to set up that CDN side now that you’re already running your 10Web Booster. If you haven’t already done that step please be sure to click the link below and I will show you step by step how to activate your own website. Super straightforward, simple plugin and if you wanna get started you can get started with that free version. But let me show you now moving forward what it looks like to go ahead and activate that second step, that CDN through CloudFlare that’s really gonna make this thing fly.

So you’re in your dashboard and you’re in the exact website that you want to activate this CDN. Check this out. You see this right here, enable CloudFlare Enterprise CDN. So let’s go ahead and click enable. Because your website is already connected to the 10Web Booster. It automatically can detect your IP address but you’ll wanna go ahead and double check this. You would find that with your hosting provider. I’m gonna go ahead and click proceed. This might take just a few minutes but you can see it analyzing in the background and then it is done. That’s it. Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna copy and paste these TXT files, we’re gonna take these and point them over inside of our dashboard of our DNS. Now, don’t get confused on this. Super simple to do. Think about where you purchased your domain name. A lot of people do it through GoDaddy. That’s where you’re gonna go back into, grab these things and add them into your dashboard with your domain name. When you do that, you’re completely done. It is that simple, copy and paste. I’m also gonna show you an article step by step how to do this so that you can just easily and quickly kind of work through these steps. Easy instructions to go ahead and get this done. Pointing the TXT records or the A records over on your domain name’s registrar. So I’m just gonna click on these right here. Copy these, and I’m gonna jump over to GoDaddy which is where my domain name’s been registered and I’m gonna add this in there. For the sake of security I’m gonna do that just kind of off camera. Once you click next, it’s then gonna give you your A record and we’ll do this in the exact same dashboard of your domain name’s registrar. We’re doing this just for that extra level of security to confirm that you own the domain name that we’re attaching this service to. You’ll copy those values on your clipboard and paste them in. Once those steps are done, you’ll click done. I’ve updated DNS. And depending upon your hosting provider it could take a little while, up to 24 hours for it to verify that the two have connected.

So you might see this little popup but no worries if you’ve plugged it right in. Come back and check this in the next eight to 12 to 24 hours and you should very quickly be able to see all great report that these services are connected. Six of the key features I’ll highlight for you in this quick video. Enterprise CDN, super important for you to have that. A free SSL certificate, that’s great for security and added performance there. Full page cache, this is so important. Again, for that just great content being delivered so quickly to your visitors, a web application firewall for that added bit of security as well. If you’re tired of seeing malicious attacks happening on your WordPress website they’re gonna add in more protection for you right here. And I already mentioned mobile optimization. That’s gonna be really key going into 2023 for us. So you certainly want to have a boost of mobile optimization. All of that happens with this one tool. You’re gonna have fast speed, higher security and better results overall with how your WordPress website is performing.

I hope this was helpful for you. If you have other questions, reach out to me or reach out to 10Web, they’re ready to give you all the support needed. Be sure to use the link below so you’re grabbing that 30% off coupon and get that lifetime license. Hey, if you guys end up using this booster will you put your link to your website in the thread below? I would love to come over and check out your website and see how fast it is. I’ll see y’all next time. Bye, everyone.

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