What is Engaging Content for SEO?

May 16, 2018 | SEO Tips, WordPress Wednesday

What is “Engaging Content” or “Strong Content” for your WordPress website? What are SEO folks talking about? Let’s look at several things that can help make your website’s content more engaging.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton and we are gonna talk about an SEO hot topic.

You’ve probably heard people say the term, you have to have engaging content on your website or on your blog. Well what the heck is engaging content? What does that mean? You might hear SEO people say oh you need strong content. What do those terms mean? If you’re doing a search out there some of their tutorials are still very just kind of hit or miss or kind of over our heads, we don’t truly understand.

I hope today this quick video is gonna help you better comprehend, better apply when you’re learning about what is engaging content, what is strong content for better SEO purposes, all right. Let’s look at some examples here, so one of the things I wanted to show was original content is some of the best so as you’re scrolling down you’ve got something visually appealing, it’s easy to read, it’s easy to navigate, maybe it’s not too too long, maybe you have some bullet points, you’ve gotta have something engaging down the page.


You’ll notice here even though I have a lot of text going on this page I still have something visually kinda carrying our eyes down the page over here. If I get bored in this area, I can re-engage over here. Then of course down toward the bottom of my page, I have even more imagery, more videos, more opportunities to click and engage.

Here’s the thing, here’s what engaging content means. The first thing we want to know is that it’s original. I’m gonna explain why that’s so important. Original content means that you’ve written it yourself no other website in the world has the paragraph or the page of content that you just wrote. It’s super important that your website gets the credit first for that content. Google will crawl your website and find that very intriguing and that’s one of the elements to having engaging content. Now you can’t just write five paragraphs and think I’ve done my job, right.

Engaging content has to prompt them to do something, has to draw them in, give them something emotional that impacts them, I know that sounds silly but we emotionally buy, we emotionally learn. It’s just kind of our nature as human beings. You also wanna have something that’s visually appealing so you saw that I had videos, images make a page so much more appealing, right, and be sure those images are great quality and they don’t take forever to load. All of these things cause a great experience for your user and that helps them engage.

You wanna have something that’s interesting. Maybe they’ll learn something if they’re reading down this paragraph and page. You wanna think about am I too close to this, am I using technical terms where people aren’t gonna understand it. You’ve experienced that same thing if you’re watching this video because you’ve probably already heard other tutorials or read blogs that go right over your head. Sometimes we have to just break things down a little bit more simple.

You wanna be able to prompt them to do something so your content needs to prompt them to buy or sign up. Your content needs to prompt them to share or comment on your website. All of these things help Google see that whatever you’ve got written on your page right there is fantastic and engaging. We call that strong content because now you’re gonna start to have authority on the subject that you’re talking about as people are coming to your site, enjoying your content, clicking on multiple pages, commenting, sharing. All of these things are gonna happen if you’re able to build and resource the type of content that users are excited about. Does that make sense?

All right, if you need more support on this check this out, I have an entire playlist, look right over here. I have an entire playlist and I’ll put the link to this in the description box below, for SEO tips on our website and there’s a ton of videos everything from how to find keywords, there’s topics in here on how to find topics for your blog, it’s pretty incredible and these SEO fixes really, really work.

All right, I hope to see y’all next WordPress Wednesday. Subscribe, I’ll see ya later, bye bye.