Why Can’t I See My Changes in my WordPress Website?

Nov 14, 2018 | Troubleshooting, WordPress Wednesday

Kori Ashton helps you understand why you may not be able to see the changes you’re making in your WordPress website. See how to clear the cache or troubleshoot to see all published changes.

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Full Transcript

Hey y’all, I’m Kori Ashton from askkori.com sponsored by pressable.com. And this is a video on a YouTube channel dedicated to all things WordPress. And today’s tip is gonna be, just a quick resource for you, to help you better understand what changes are actually happening on your website.

If you’ve been working really hard, trying to get something to totally change in your website, and every time you go look at the front side of your website, it’s not there, that change isn’t made, but in the dashboard or in the page and the post, you’ve been making that change and clicking update or publish. And you go to the back to the front side of your website and you keep finding, where’d it go? It’s not here, I can’t figure it out.

Problems With Cache

One of the issues might be your cache or the memory inside the browser that you’re viewing it on. So quick tip right now could be to the pause this video and go try to look at that page or that post on a different device. Or open up a different browser right now and try it on a different browser, and see if you can find that link or that image or whatever it is that you’re trying to change inside of that new browser.

Log Off WordPress

If that’s not the case, I’ve got another free resource for you right now, let’s go take a look. So again if you’re working on your website and let’s say that you’ve logged in, you’re in your dashboard and you’ve come over here and made changes, you’ve added a picture or something and it’s just not being visible for you every time you go back and look at the front side of the website, or the side that your visitors see. That can be very frustrating. So your cache could be the issue. One quick tip is, try logging out of your WordPress website. Get completely out of it, then go view and see if that change is there.

Try Kproxy

If it’s still not there you’ve got one more opportunity. Take the link of the website you’re trying to view, copy that link on to your clipboard, okay? So whatever your link is, whatever page or post you’re trying to view, copy it on to your clipboard and come over to a tool called kproxy.com. Don’t worry about that, I’ll put the link below. There’s no affiliate marketing on this, it is a free resource.

Paste in the URL, even a page if you’re trying to look at a page or a post, a specific page or a post. Paste it in there and click surf. What this is gonna do is it’s gonna go grab the most recent cached version of that page. Meaning, the most fresh version possible on the servers, it’s going to grab and you should be able to see then your change implemented on this page immediately right here. And you can do that as well inside of a mobile device. If you’re seeing that, that that okay that worked, you’re able to see it here.

Cache The Memory On Website Server

One of the things you might wanna do is cache the memory on your website server. If you have a hosting provider like pressable.com, they have this opportunity inside of your dashboard here on purge cache. You can just click that button and it will purge the cache on this one website that you’re running on their server.

So it’s really important to communicate with your hosting company, see if that’s the solution for you. It very easily could be the quick fix that helps you stop pulling out your hair in total frustration knowing that you’ve already clicked save, or update, or whatever you’ve been working on and you just don’t see it.

This is also something to realize that if you’ve sent changes to a client and the client keeps telling you, I just don’t see it, it looks the same to me, I don’t understand. You can tell them, hold one moment, let me go purge the cache on your website which is kind of wipe that memory from the browser for a minute. And allow you to see the most recent version, please click refresh or a hard refresh so that you see the most recent version of your website.

Hey you guys, I hope this helps, I know it was a quick WordPress Wednesday, but sometimes quick fixes like this save the day. Have a great one, be sure to subscribe to my channel ’cause every Wednesday, I’m creating a video just like this to help you improve your online marketing inside the world of WordPress. See you next time, bye y’all.