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Nov 16, 2022 | Digital Marketing 101, WordPress Wednesday

Ready to find a fresh library of Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Video Footage? has some great images for under a buck each. Check out and use ASKKORI for 20% OFF

Full Video Transcript:

Hey you guys, I’m Kori Ashton and welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. Hey y’all, if you are so overseeing all of the stock images that everybody uses, I’m excited to show you Depositphotos. This is another great resource online where you can go to find some incredible photos, but I’m gonna tell you, they take it one step further. Let me show you why I really love the library that you’re gonna find here. First of all, of course, you know you’re looking for royalty-free stock photos, that’s what we’re looking for every single time you do a Google search. Well, what they’ve done for us is they’ve kind of curated these collections that get me really excited. So it’s the season to be thankful right now, we can go into this Thank you area where they’ve got all these really cool, kind of already designed if you will graphics. They’ve got vector graphics, as well as straight-up just photos that you can use. Let’s go in and actually do a search for Thanksgiving since that’s what’s coming up next for us right now. Look at these beautiful photos. They’ve already done some of the work for you. Literally, all you’d have to do is come in here, grab a photo, and upload it to your social media stream, add your logo to it, and it looks like you’ve taken all the time to do all the work yourself. Here’s what’s really cool though, the prices for these can get down to as low as 22 cents each. Where I tend to stay is about in the dollar-a-picture range, they’ve got different plans for you. So I want you to take your time, come over here, and take a look, you can search through the library without even having to start an account yet. But I will tell you this if you do start an account, they do have free images inside, so be sure to sign up, and I’m also gonna give you 20% off today.

Use my link in the description box below, (Above) and let them know that Kori Ashton sent you their way. I’m gonna show you a few more pictures that are my favorite. They’ve got all sorts of different orientations as well, vertical, horizontal, they have an isolated, so you can choose that option over here and only see isolated photos so that you can easily manipulate them, put them on a different background if you wanted to. They also have really cool tools inside of here that can remove the background of these images for you, so that you can use them more easily and quickly inside of your own social media strategy. And if you need videos, of course, they have a library here as well, check out the plans for those. You can come over here and download some incredible-looking stock video footage. That really is a plug-and-play, download it, drop it right into your social media feeds, and use these to really elevate the tone of your brand.

Y’all, I hope this has been helpful for you. Remember, I’ve got a 20% off coupon code in the description box below, just click on the link, and it’ll pop you right over there and apply that promo code for you. Let them know that Kori Ashton sent you their way. You’re gonna enjoy it, have fun with all these really great images and videos. I’ll see y’all next WordPress Wednesday. Bye, everyone.

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