Kori Reviews Elementor Page Builder – WordPress

If you’re looking for a free page builder on your WordPress website, Elementor Page Builder hits the top of Kori’s list. Full written review here:

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Full Transcript

Hey y’all, I’m Kori Ashton and today we’re gonna look at a page builder. If you do not like writing code, if you get intimated by CSS or certainly PHP, but you still wanna have a beautiful website then a page builder is probably the right way to go. Well let’s look at one that is in the budget of free and if you have a little bit of wiggle room in that budget, has some incredible add-ons for you. Let’s look at Elementor.

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Features


Okay I already have it actually installed on this page and I’ll back up for a second and show you how to install it and how to use it. But I want you to get excited about what you can do with it. So see this page, it’s kind of boring, all the content’s in the middle. Well what if we went ahead and had something where we did three columns and let’s put in some pictures in here because I think it would look really nice to have three pictures across the top up here.

So I’m just gonna drag and change the picture. Let’s go in here and just put this one for now, insert media, I don’t want it to load the large one, let’s say at 300, center it in the column please and click update, easy peasy. I’m gonna go do it again, grab another image, drop it in there, choose my image, click select, there you go, insert media. I’m gonna choose again 300 by 300, I think that’ll look good, center it, update. And then we’re gonna come over here as well and I’m gonna add in another image.

Just because I want consistency, I just think it’s really difficult most of the time if you wanna write nerd code to make three columns, it’s very frustrating and very tricky especially if your author of the theme didn’t let you do it easily or quickly. Well Elementor lets you do that. And let’s say I want this balanced out, I want the one that’s a little shorter to come in the middle just to have that consistency. All I did was drag and drop it.

Alright so the columns is kinda cool, but what if I want some extra bells and whistles? Something a little bit cooler than that even, well all of these are options inside of the free mode of Elementor. You’ve got an:

  • image gallery
  • image carousel
  • a counter that will count up
  • progress bars
  • testimonials
  • tabs

I think tabs are pretty cool, tabs or toggles, either one. Out of the box this is what’s working already. You can come in here and change the content easily and quickly. Tab two, you can see that content change.

Let’s say over here on this side I wanted to add a video, that’s easily done. I can drag and drop a video box over here. And of course it’s all gonna be responsive, right? It’s gonna shrink down and show me exactly what it would look like on a cell phone mode, and of course everything stacks beautifully and easily. So really cool options, I’m hoping that y’all get super excited right now.


I’m gonna show you how to install it and how to use it on your WordPress website, let’s go do it. First thing, it’s pretty simple, just come over to your dashboard area. We’re gonna go into plugins and click add new because that free version of Elementor actually lives here inside the repository. So we’re just gonna do a search for Elementor. And here it is right here, Elementor Page Builder. Install now, and of course, we wanna activate. And there it is, I mean it’s already installed ready to go.

Start Building with Elementor

I just come over here, click add new page and start building out with Elementor. We give it a name and click edit with Elementor. And it takes us all to the front side of the website that allows you to start using their drag and drop environment over here, building out whatever you would like.

So you can just click add plus, choose your structure so whatever layout you need here. Get as creative or as simple as you would like, either one, either option. I’m just gonna go ahead and do a 50 50 for now. And then you just click inside of here and say well, I wanna add something to this left column. What would you like to add? Just a regular text editor is fine. So you put that in there, easily done.

Next thing, I wanna add maybe a call to action button over here on this side. What does that look like? Look how nice that is, I love it. You can change the content here and say subscribe. Add in the link that you’d like it to have, you can align it if you’d like it aligned in the middle, add an icon to it if you’d like to add an icon. I mean just so super cool, all these different options inside of this. Amazing that this is all in the budget of free, remember that as well. So you gotta love that. And you could even change the style of it.

So let’s go in here and change the background color if you wanted to. Make it whatever you’d like it to be to stand out on the page. You can even go into advanced options and change the margin or the padding around the button. You’ve got all sorts of different options that you can tinker and play with here. I’m gonna go ahead and click publish for now.

But let’s say that you know, I want something better over here and maybe we want to move this button over underneath our paragraph and instead add in an image here. I’m making all of these changes on the fly right as you’re watching me. And this is really, truthfully, if I’m being totally honest, this is the first time I’ve really used Elementor. I’m just kinda learning as I go here with you. I’m giving you my opinion of my experience and I’m loving it so far, so great.

I also love the idea that I’m able to see that version in responsive mode because it allows you to make changes. Let’s say that you want this to even be smaller in this responsive mode, you can tell it to shrink down even smaller. And then it’ll go back to that larger picture on the desktop mode if you want it to. Smaller picture on the smaller phone makes it load more quickly. So you’ve gotta love those options inside of this.

Pro Add-Ons


Let’s look at the pro add-ons if you have just a little wiggle room inside of your budget, you can come over here and purchase a personal license that can be applied to one website, $49 and look what all you get. Now I’m gonna come into my Elementor library area over here, look at all of these additional options that I have, oh my word there’s so much to play around with and get creative with.

Flip Boxes

So instead of just standard boring pictures here, I can just say well I don’t really want that, I want to do three columns and I want them to be flip boxes instead. So coming down here I can choose a flip box, how fun is this you guys? A flip box, put this in here and then as I come over here it’ll flip and rotate adding really cool dynamic features or functions to this.

Pricing Table

Let’s do another one. What if you wanted to have a pricing table in here? This is something that you would normally have to go buy a totally different plugin to do. It’s got that option inside of here, we can add in a whole pricing table. Look at this, it’s already customized for you. You change the price, change the fields, make it whatever you want to make it. And it’s gonna look beautiful. That’s why I love this. You really can just get so creative, kinda sky’s the limit with all the different options that you can put inside of this Elementor plugin with the pro version.

History – Back Up Your Versions

I’ll show you another feature that I think is spectacular to have because a lot of times as you’re in here tinkering and playing around you might make a mistake, maybe you move this over here or you accidentally hit an area that you totally oh my gosh I just lost that whole section. What would you do then? Would you have to rebuild that whole darn thing? Well not inside of Elementor, they have this nice little history icon right over here that you can click on and actually back up your versions.

Look at this you guys, back up the version all the way to how you wanted to have it. There it is, back to normal, everything’s in place. Click update, that is a huge safety net as you are building out your website that you always wanna have those revision options. They always live inside of here.

You guys I am barely scratching the surface on this incredible plugin. I hope that you are challenged enough today to go over to your Word Press website, install this plugin and try it, I guarantee it’s not gonna take you long before you decide to go pro and unlock all of its amazing add-ons.

Be sure to tell ’em that Kori Ashton sent you and subscribe to my channel ’cause every Wednesday I’ve got a video just like this to help you improve your online marketing. Have a great one, bye y’all.

5 Form Builder Plugins for WordPress

Kori Ashton shares 5 Form Builder Plugins for WordPress for your website. Some are free and others are paid options.

Brought to you by Pressable.

Full Tutorial Here

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Kori Reviews 5 WordPress Form Plugins

#1 Contact Form 7
#2 HappyForms
#3 Ninja Forms
#4 Gravity Forms
#5 WPForms

Alright, you’re here to find out about different types of form builders for your WordPress website. I’m gonna show you five different kinds. Check it out.

#1 Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

Alright y’all the very first one I wanna be bragging on is Contact Form 7 and it probably is the most popular content form builder. One because it’s totally free and because it basically it has five million active installs, it’s been around the longest and it’s, well there’s really nothing else I can say about it because when you start to look at it, there’s not that much else you can brag about, other than the fact that it’s forever free. It is simple to install. It does come with one example form and you can put it of course on unlimited websites because it’s forever free. But it’s not drag and drop, it is difficult to understand or learn because you’re staring at a bunch of code and shortcode. Unfortunately, it doesn’t save your entries whatsoever.

It doesn’t really have any sort of way to like easily add an anti-spam even though it does say that there’s an option for it. It’s not super user-friendly. It’s not very easy to customize at all, you can’t change colors or font sizes or padding or anything. Naturally, if you know CSS you would be able to do it and there’s really no conditional logic inside of it for sending notifications or redirecting to a different page and if you’re having any sort of hope of adding on anything extra you’re probably gonna have to pay for it.

#2 HappyForms

Contact Form to Manage and respond to conversations with customers — HappyForms

Well if that one bums you out you guys let’s look at HappyForms ’cause I get really excited about this one. I’ve done a couple of extra videos on it so if you’re interested in those, I’ll put the links to those in the description box below Check those out because this is definitely one of my favorites. It is forever free as well. Forever free, meaning there is no paid option.

These authors have just been generous and given you every possible feature, bell or whistle. It is simple to install, it does have an example form. Guess what you guys? It’s drag and drop. No code necessary. And you actually see a live view going on right here that you can see. You can customize the colors easily. You can customize columns and actually put these in different columns. It does save your entries, which is phenomenal. It does have a basic redirect logic on the submit button so if you want it to go to a different landing page that says thank you, you can do that. It does have anti-spam included and of course, it’s on unlimited websites because this is forever free.

Phenomenal product. If we’re looking at the bad side of it though, I mean I have to balance this out right? There’s not really any advanced conditional logic inside of here so you can’t set up conditional notifications. There’s no payment add-on so you can’t really use this as a registration form if you need payments. You can’t really use it as a simple shopping cart if you need payments. And currently, as of today, there’s no email integration but you can export the CSV file of all your entries. So there is a workaround there. Still phenomenal, phenomenal product. I’m super happy about HappyForms.

#3 Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms – The Easy and Powerful Forms Builder

Alright, let’s check out Ninja Forms. A lot of you on my channel have asked me to take a look at this, so we’re looking at it today. The basic version of this is free, they have over a million active installs going on and it does have great reviews so I’ve been impressed with that. So there’s a free version and then there’s a premium version. So it is very simple to install since it’s free. There are multiple examples of different forms that you can just click and go, start building.

It is a drag and drop builder which I love. It does save your entries. It does have basic conditional logic which I was impressed with. And the anti-spam is already there, super easy to activate. It is, of course, unlimited websites on this basic version because it’s free and I was really impressed to see the really great documentation and support that it gives. If there’s bad, this is not really a live view of what you’re building. It’s just a drag and drop interface.

You do have to know CSS if you wanted to make changes to colors or fonts. And if you’re looking to go anywhere of a premium feature like a payment gateway or email integration, you’re definitely gonna pay for it. Price ranges start anywhere between 29 bucks and go all the way up to $499 for an agency license. And of course, you have to remember that you’re paying that, you’re renewing that license at least every year. Wow! that’s a lot to think about.

#4 Gravity Forms


Alright, let’s look at Gravity Forms. If you follow my channel you know I love Gravity Forms. It’s absolutely one of my favorites but it is paid option only. So that means there is no free version for you to tinker around with. You’ve gotta be all in. But it is completely scalable and reliable. So I’m gonna look at some of the good things. It is a drag and drop builder. It does, of course, save your entries. It probably has the most robust conditional logic I have ever seen inside of a form builder. I mean every single field can hold conditional logic. It has a page option where you can break down the form into multiple pages or sections on your website. It does have an anti-spam included.

It also has conversion tracking inside of it that tells you how many times the form has been viewed versus how many times its been filled out, which is a really cool, very quick glance for your marketing right? To understand if people are having form fear staring at your form and panicking. And of course you get all of their premium features, all of the add-ons that come with each level that you purchase, right? So there are certain levels that you can purchase and get more and more and more robust add-ons.

If I’m looking at the bad, you do have to upload it to install it. Since there’s not a free version you have to go over to their website, purchase the license, come back, install it and then activate your key. It doesn’t come with any example forms just kind of out of the box and you would have to know a little bit more of CSS if you’re looking to really style it. There are premium add-ons that you can go out and purchase, third-party add-ons that you can purchase to style Gravity Forms but kind of out of the box if you’re looking to quickly make changes to fonts or colors or the submit button, you’re gonna end up having to know a little bit of CSS and then the prices fall in the range of $59 to $259 as of today and but that $259 is an unlimited license.

You can put it on as many websites as you want. So if you’re a developer or a small agency or an enterprise level, it’s completely worth the value there. And of course, per year licensing, same thing. You’re gonna have to re-up that license every single year.

#5 WPForms


Alright, I’m gonna do a bonus. WPForms, I have to talk about this one too because I’m really impressed with it. It is paid options only but it comes from WPBeginner. So if you guys are familiar with my channel you know I talk about these guys all the time. They have incredible tutorials, they’ve been around for a really long time creating great free content for you to learn WordPress. So you have to check out this really cool drag and drop form builder that they have.

Now again, it’s paid only, there’s no free option but it does come with multiple example forms, drag and drop builder with a live view happening right there. It does save your entries. It does come with conditional logic. Anti-spam is also included and there are quite a bit of premium features you get, again, with the different license levels that you’ll purchase. If we’re gonna be looking at the bad though, you do have to, again, go over and purchase the license, install it and verify the key. You would have to do some CSS customizing if you’re gonna do some add-ons or some sort of a customizing the colors or fonts.

The pricing gets to me a little bit, this is probably one of the more expensive ones. $79 to $429 and then again you’re going to have to renew that license each year.

Wrap Up

Hey y’all I hope that helped you and it’s always interesting for me to hear about what type of forms you use on your WordPress website so be sure to comment in the thread below. And if you’re interested in trying out Pressable or any of these solutions I have, I’ll have links to them all and even coupon codes in the description over in the written tutorial. For Pressable Use ASKKORI for a free 30-day trial! Check ’em out, let me know, tweet to me, let me know which ones you’re using. I’d love to hear from you. Be sure to subscribe because every week I’m creating content just like this to help you improve your online marketing inside the world of WordPress. I’ll see you next time. Bye y’all!

GetSiteControl WordPress Plugin

GetSiteControl WordPress Plugin

Kori Ashton reviews GetSiteControl Plugin for WordPress – Imagine only needing one plugin for social shares, surveys, promo popups and live chat. Imagine including a subscribe option and a contact form – now imagine all of this for a price of FREE!

Full Transcript

Hey guys, I’m Kori Ashton. You wanna stick around cause I’m about to show you one plugin that has seven different widgets inside of it that’s gonna help you improve your conversion, your online marketing, your user experience all the way around on your WordPress website. Check this out.

Okay y’all, I am talking about GetSiteControl. This is a WordPress plugin that easily installs in your WordPress website and adds seven different widgets. All for the same low price, and I’m gonna tell you that here in a second so hold on because it’s in our budget.

7 Widgets in One Plugin


There’s a subscribe widget, right? This is really cool, we’ve seen stuff like this before, but you’ve never seen it the way they’ve created it. Stay with me.


Contact widget, so they’ve got a really cool little contact option here. They’re actually using it right here on their website. If I was to click Contact Us, you see it kinda pops up with a really cool like engagement there, that’s pretty cool.


They have a promo widget, now this is where they start to get pretty fancy. They’ve got some options here that allow you to have scheduling inside of this, all sorts of conditional logic for where your visitors are coming from and what sort of exclusive offers to offer people, what type of device they’re on, what time of day, what day of the week, all sorts of different, really cool conditional logic.


There’s a survey widget, this is really important for you to use to understand what your audience is interested in, what sort of content they’re wanting to read, what sort of products they’re wanting you to provide. So really cool option there.


There’s a follow widget allowing everybody to follow your social networks, this is a really cool resource and should be on everyone’s website.


There’s also this option, a share widget, allowing people to share your content. So this is something that you definitely wanna have if you’re a blogger, or if your providing content that you need people to share with their networks. Use this widget.


There’s also, they just topped it off with this one, a live chat option inside of this all-in-one solution. A live chat option that can even feed into your Slack dashboard. You guys, this is really impressive, and now you’re gonna be blown away because yup, it’s in our budget of free.

There is a free plan. When you click Sign Up For Free, there’s no credit card required. You enter in your email, click Sign Up, that’s it, you get access to all seven of these widgets.

9 Positions to Engage Your Users In


Now I’m really gonna blow your mind cause check out what they can do. They not only give you all of these options but they give you nine different positions to engage your users in. That’s what these options are here. We’ve all seen this open in the middle of your screen type of function, but what if you wanted it to slide in from the left, slide in from the right? Maybe be a fixed option up at the fixed header so it’s always on your screen, or a fixed footer, again always on your screen. These are the option that they’re giving inside of this plugin, super easy to do. This little slide out’s really cool cause once they click on it, engage it, it pops right to the center. All of these options can be applied to any of these widgets. And again, the pricing is in our range of free. How cool is that, you guys? I’m hoping your mind is blown right now because mine is, and if you’d like to stick around and watch me install this, activate it, and engage it on my website,

I’m gonna show you right now what that looks like. I’ll show you all the different cool options for the different features inside the free verses plus options, all of these, and I just wanna tell you though inside of free:

  • you’ve got scheduling
  • you’ve got real-time stats
  • you’ve got custom colors
  • and of course, the unlimited widgets

If you’ve got a website that gains fewer then 50,000 views per month, you’re gonna be perfectly fine with the free option. You excited yet? Oh, it’s so cool, let me show you how to get started.


Popups, Lead Forms, Surveys, Live Chats WordPress Plugin – GetSiteControl

Okay y’all, since we’re in the budget of free, there’s just a few steps to get started. You wanna click Sign Up For Free, you’re gonna enter in your email address, and you’re gonna click Sign Up With Email. Then it’s gonna ask you for your password, that’s it. Again, no credit card required, you’re off and running.

Then you wanna go back to your WordPress dashboard, and go into your plugins area, we’re gonna click Add New. And all you’re gonna do is go up in the right-hand corner and click GetSiteControl, do a quick search for it, you’ll find the plugin here. Of course, best practices, you always wanna be sure they have a lot of active installs, they have really great reviews, and they’re up to date and compatible with your version of WordPress. That’s just best practices across the board for any plugin that you’re using inside of your WordPress website.

So we’re gonna go ahead and click “Install Now”, and you wanna remember what the password was that you used over in your Site Control account so that you have that password on your clipboard. Now that it’s installed we’re gonna click “Activate”.

Once it activates, what it’s gonna do now is basically, sync up your WordPress website with your GetSiteControl dashboard, and now you’re gonna have an option here on the left side to actually sign in directly from your WordPress website over into your dashboard.

So what you wanna do here is use your sign-in credentials for your GetSiteControl account, so that password that you used over there, plug that in here, click “Sign In”, and this is gonna sync your website. Oh! this is so easy, super simple, they thought of everything, you guys.

Create Your First Widget


We’re gonna click in and go to our dashboard. That’s gonna pivot us over here, back to the GetSiteControl dashboard, and all we’re gonna do is click “Create Widget”, and of course, in the free option, you get access to all of these. You can create as many as you want for your website, and set conditional logic for them. Have all sorts of different promos that are running and set them to be scheduled.

For the sake of now, I wanna be able to add those Share Icons into my website. So I’m gonna create that for this tutorial. If you like this tutorial though, and you’d like me to do other aspects of it, please put the comment in the thread below and I will do my absolute best to create another video for you to show you how to use the different areas. But this one’s super easy and look at this feature that they did for us, you guys.

The first option is “Position”, right? We already got to see that, we know that we can choose whatever position we want this to engage our visitors in, right? So I wanted to use this really cool little left side kind of pop-out function here, I think is pretty cool. But this is something I’ve never seen any plugin developer do, they automatically went over and pulled everything single one of my color codes from my website. They found those options, brought them in here so I don’t have to remember what my colors were, they did all of the heavy lifting for me. So already I can apply my colors quickly and easily. My font choices as well. And there’s the animation and the positioning of the buttons, so really cool options here.

Let’s go into “Content”, let you see some of the different buttons you can add. I’m gonna go ahead and add LinkedIn, I’m gonna go ahead and add an option for email, and I’m gonna take the email and I’m gonna put it up at the top because I think that’d be kinda cool to allow people to email their friends or family all of my blog articles, and my videos. You can give them an option to share that current page or to share a page that they want to, and they can kind of paste in a URL there. So very, very cool options there.

“Behavior”, now this is where you start to get a little fancy, and you might need to do a pro-version if you wanna get super fancy. But by default, all of these options that live here are the free options. So start to display the widget at once, so as soon as the person comes in, or you can do conditional logic inside of triggers. Which is super cool. How often do you want the widget to appear, do you want it to be on every single page? Do you wanna engage the user not more than once per day, right? So again, all of these conditional features are just mind-blowing, these are things you just don’t see inside of free options. They also give the ability to choose the start date, the end date.

So let’s say you’re running a promo, you can even choose the time, the time zone, and the days of the week. This would be incredible if you were running a farmer’s market or something that was just happening on a weekend, and you wanted to only engage things on the weekend, you can easily have those come here and only be on Saturday and Sunday. It’s totally up to you. If you’re only open Monday through Friday and that’s when your support hours are, or your customer service line’s open. Then put those on there, and put the start date from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Whatever you wanna do, they’re giving you all that kind of flexibility.

And lastly, this is the “targeting” area. This is where they really start to let you drill in but again, these are all pro-options here. But you could actually be so conditional logic, picking, choosy, as to what operating system, what browsers, what devices these things are shown on. So really cool options here for you to use and really drill down and make this a powerful, powerful tool. For the sake of now, I’m just gonna leave this as is, I think it looks pretty cool, I’m gonna click OK. All you have to do next is click “Activate Now”. That is it.

You guys, there is no code, there’s nothing else you have to do, that is it. I go back over to my website, I’m gonna go to the front side of my website right now. Click over here, there it is, sliding out on the left side of my website, beautifully visible, easy to access, and of course, it’s gonna be on all of my pages, all of my posts, giving people the opportunity to share absolutely every bit of my content.

And it’s not intrusive, you know, it’s not right in my face, it’s just mildly suggesting over here on the left side. You guys, there are so many different options inside of this incredible, all-in-one solution.

If you’re loving it, I’m loving it, and if you’re using it, will you add your comment to the thread below to let us know what widgets you’re using, what kind of conditional logic you’re using, and what’s your results you’re seeing from conversion happening on your website.

This is all about engaging every single visitor and converting every single one of them. If at least, just to give you their email address, sign up for that newsletters, engage with you on a promo code. Have them do something, don’t lose your visitors anymore, let them engage with you and make it super easy with this all-in-one solution.

Hey, let GetSiteControl know that Kori Ashton sent you, and be sure to subscribe because every single week I’m creating content just like this for you to improve your online marketing inside the world if WordPress. I hope you’re having a great one, I’ll see you next time. Bye y’all.

Translation Plugin for WordPress

Translation Plugin for WordPress

ConveyThis Translate – WordPress Translation Plugin

If you’re looking for a translation plugin for your WordPress website for free, you don’t need to look further. Kori Ashton shows you a new solution that may be the best fit for you. Coupon Code for 50% Off Below

Here’s the pro version.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Intuitively easy and quick setup. Just two minutes and you’re ready to go international.
  • Over 90 languages are currently supported.
  • Totally free for small websites; no credit card required–sign up with only name, email, and password.
  • Besides the totally free plan, they currently have 50% off all their paid plans. the coupon code is WEBTEGRITY50.
  • Money back guarantee for all advanced plans.
  • Initial translation is instant and provided via machine translation.
  • Translations can be edited through a simple web interface for high levels of accuracy and customization.
  • Easy accessible professional translators from Translation agency with over 15 years of experience.
  • SEO friendly; creates URL prefixes and hreflang tags for each translated page which can be crawled and indexed by search engines.
  • No extra load to your server because of the API approach.
  • Customizable language switcher.

Here’s a Coupon Code for 50% Off – ConveyThis Translate


Full Video Transcript

Hey ya’ll, if you’re looking for a translation plugin that offers a free solution, I’ve got one for you today. This is a bonus video going out on my YouTube channel. Normally I’m doing stuff on WordPress Wednesday, this is Tuesday I’m gonna launch this, I need you to check this out, though, because it’s a pretty cool plugin that has some different features in it that I’ve never seen before for search engine optimization when it comes to translation options on your WordPress website. So I’m gonna walk you through installing it, show you some of the bells and whistles, this is super easy, it takes two minutes to install. So stick around with me in the video, check it out and be sure to subscribe because every Wednesday I’m creating a video just like this and sometimes there’s even a bonus in the week.

90 Languages

Some of the cool stuff, about two minutes for installation, they brag that there’s 90 languages. You guys, 90 languages that this thing will translate into on the fly, just right away.

Make Edits


It also offers you the ability to make some edits if you wanna apply your own translation, if there’s anything that you see that just needs some adjustment. It’s a really cool concept, these guys put a different spin on things, so let’s go check out how to do it.


You’re gonna go to your WordPress dashboard and click add new, you’re gonna come over here to your search area, of course, and you’re gonna type in “conveythis” and you will find this one here, install now, and of course we want to activate it as well, so we’re activating.

Brilliant, it’s already there. I want you to notice, though, right away, it says that the plugin is activated but it says it’s installed but not configured yet, so we need to go configure it, makes sense. We need to set some settings in here in place so that we can easily, um, tell it what language we even want, right? So the first thing it says is please log in to ConveyThis to get your API key.

Super simple, and again there’s a free option for this, so we’re gonna click log in to ConveyThis. You’ll come over to a simple registration page, you’ll fill this out, no credit card required at all, because we’re gonna go into the free option first, and you’re gonna click register.

Once you do that, whatever email you put in here, they’re gonna send you an email verification. So please click on that and once you’ve verified your email, then you’re gonna be able to come back and log in to just grab one little bit of code, right here. This is your API key, we’re gonna copy that, it says it’s copied to my clipboard, we’re gonna come back over into our plugin area and we’re gonna paste it in there. Then it’s gonna ask us what is your current website language written in, what is that? And of course, ours is Texan, or English. And then choose which language you would like to translate it into.

Free Version – One Language

Now the free version only offers you the option of translating into one language but some of the pro versions allows you to just kinda open it up and let it be whatever languages you need. I’ll show you pricing here in a little bit. For the sake of now and being in San Antonio, I’m gonna put it in Spanish. Alright, that’s that, and you’re gonna see it being previewed here and you’re gonna see the toggle happening right here, ooh. Ah! this is so cool, you guys, super simple, I’m gonna click save changes and guess what? Done, it’s on the website.

Button on Bottom of Website

So I’m gonna come to the front side of the website for a second and let you see things. Oh, there it is already, look at this, it’s right here at the bottom of my website. And it’s just gonna stay as a fixed footer on the bottom right-hand corner of my website. Now there’s an option to change that location, here, I’ll show you that in a minute. But I want you to see how simple it was, we’re gonna toggle the Spanish, bum-ba-da-bum, there we are right there.

Sidebar Translation

Check this out, as I go down, it’s, it’s catching my sidebar, you guys see this? It’s catching my sidebar, it’s going all the way down catching my H1s, my H2s, all the way down the line, it caught some of my text above this image, of course, it’s not gonna translate our images, that would be miracles. But look at all this stuff, and how it’s catching all the way down the page, beautifully done, even all the way down, here’s my call to action buttons translated, all the way down into my footer area, all the way down in my navigation in my footer, which is in my widgets. This is incredible that it’s catching all of this on the page and done that quickly. I mean we’re only into this video just a matter of a couple of minutes and we’re already seeing this type of incredible result.


So I hope you’re loving this, let’s go now look at some customization you can do inside the plugin itself. So you can add other languages if you had a pro version, right? But you can also come here, even in the free version and say show more options and instead of the rectangle flag we can opt for a square flag or a circle flag to kind of make it look a little different. We can say display the full language, display a short text or without any text and just have the flag sitting there. And you can also change the location to be up at the right top of your website, which is pretty cool, there’s some spacing issues, and it’s also given us a really neat feature that I’ve not seen before, especially in the free option, to add in some hreflang tags for referencing different languages of your website.

Ah! it’s incredible, so I’m gonna click save changes, let’s go back to that page really quickly, click refresh, now my options should be back up at the top, remember, now it’s up here at the top and it’s gonna stay fixed with me, let me slide my screen down so you can see that, there it is, hiding up at the top now, kinda cool. Very awesome, man, this thing has some bells and whistle to it, but let me kind of blow your mind on something for a second cause I’ve never seen this, maybe ya’ll have and you can give me some comments in the thread below and let me know, but I’m gonna click refresh here and it’s gonna show me on my plan that it’s translated 1865 words, okay?

Because in their pricing plans, they do have it per word. 5000 words or less is totally free, so if you have a small website, this is ideal. But look at the options this thing starts to give you. You can come up here to my translations.

Now it’s got my domain name in there and if I click on the domain name it allows me to see all the different pages that have been triggered by a visitor to be translated, and into what language. That’s a really cool resource for you to really start monitoring your traffic, seeing exactly who your demographic is, right? And it’s also gonna allow you to see how many views of that one particular page has been translated.

And here’s where I kinda just start to really get impressed with this plugin. You click on this, come in here, and it allows you to do those changes that we were talking about earlier. So if you know, in English, that it’s translating just a little wonky over here in Spanish, you can come in and literally manually make some changes in there, delete, type in whatever you need, and click save down here at the bottom of the screen, and the translation is now saved. And that’s the translation, now, that will display on that page for your visitors.

So this is a really cool tool, again, that I’ve not seen, I’m loving this. Watch this though, you guys. Here’s the translation for the meta tags. So for your description and your title, you can come in here and do the same editing. That’s pretty cool, and what about this? The attributes for your alt tags behind your images and your title tags behind your links. That is phenomenal, so again you can come in here and just manually override anything and it’s gonna keep a library for you, here saved, so that it translates correctly on the visitor’s page wherever they’re landing. I’m loving this.

Another thing you can do is monitor which of your pages has been seen more. That way, you know, if you need to delete a page, it obviously does not delete it from your website, I want you to hear me when I say that. Clicking delete right here does not delete the translation from your website. What it does, or rather it does not delete the page from your website, what it does is it just kinda wipes the memory here.

So those customizations that you made, where you’re overriding the translation, those would be gone, we’ve clicked delete. But what that does is, is if you have a page that you translated, and it’s not getting that many views, and you’re up against kind of your number of word usage and you wanna maybe remove some pages that never get viewed or never have any visitors, then you can go in and easily delete that and allow the word usage to be applied to pages that are regularly being used. Here’s one more thing, ya’ll, I hope you’re staying with me because this one is worth you watching this video all the way to the end.

What if you wanted to come in here and do this, check this out, you can even come in here and go to one specific area that’s gonna give you an option, check this out, let’s go back into our domain name, right? And we’re gonna say that we want to get the JavaScript. So click on this option here, I’m gonna tell you why this is so important.

So we’re going after specific JavaScript, we’re gonna generate the code. This is the code that we would copy and paste, it gives us clear instructions here, paste before the end body tag, inside of your WordPress website, and this will translate a singular page. So let’s say you just wanted to offer a page that says “se habla español” up at the top of your website and you click on that and this is the only page on your website that is fully translatable. That would save you on your words, this gives you a very cool option to just be on that one singular landing page. So you could do that for multiple languages if you had a pro version.

So if you’re interested in doing this I want you to be sure to come over here, check out their website, look at all of their FAQs. They have a lot of information here, they really want you to feel comfortable with using their product, testing their product, so that’s why they give you the free version.

I’m also gonna give you a coupon code so you can come over and check out all the pricing, and get 50 percent off using this coupon code, so, I hope this helps you, I hope you get super excited about using this really cool resource, and be sure to give me your feedback in the thread below on YouTube. I’ll see you next WordPress Wednesday, bye ya’ll.

How to Make Columns in HappyForms

How to Make Columns in HappyForms

Now that we all LOVE HappyForms let’s look at another cool feature that allows you to create columns with HappyForms instead of stacking them one on top of the other.

Full Video Transcript:

Hey y’all, I’m gonna release an extra video this week, just because y’all are making me happy. Y’all are talking about the HappyForms in all these tweets, and emails. So excited. Thank you for the comments on the video. And I’m getting questions in about this form, so I wanted to address one of the great questions I received in.

This is an awesome form builder, by the way. If you don’t know about HappyForms yet, you gotta check out the other video that I created that gives you a really cool overview of this totally free WordPress form builder. In my opinion, it’s better than Contact Form Seven. And, it’s obviously less expensive than my favorite, which is Gravity Forms. But these guys are in the budget of free. How can you beat that?

We had a question come in that says, can this form have an option two fields in one line, like name and email side-by-side, because the example I had given was just a, you know, stair stacked and I’ll show you right here. So, let’s go into your dashboard, I’m gonna show you how to do this, ’cause it has it out of the box, you guys, you can put them without knowing any nerd code. You can do this.

So, we’re gonna come over here, and we’re gonna go to one of my forms that I was already tinkering around with. Click edit, go into your form. So I’ve already got some fields here. See how they just kinda stack up like this? What if you wanted to kinda zip this up a little bit, and let it not take up as much space?




Well, look at this little area that these guys give you. Incredible, check this out. Go to advanced right here for the field that you want to be half, or potentially even third. How neat is that? So I’m gonna say one-half for the name. And I’m gonna go down to my next field and tell the email field too, as well, not be full-width, I’d like it to be one-half as well, please. So, I’m gonna say that, I’m gonna click next, and watch the form change. Magic. Uh!

You guys, I love this form builder. If you have more questions as you’re getting in here, and checking things out, be sure to go over to their support form. I’ll put the link to this in the description box below so that you can have access to that. These guys are very responsive. And they’re super excited about this series of videos I’m doing on their plugin. But, give them great reviews too. Please take a moment to give them a review. And that’s your way of telling them, thank you so much for offering a free product, with this many bells and whistles.

I hope you’re having a great WordPress Wednesday. And thank you so much for sending me your questions. I’ll see you next time. Bye you guys.

Support Forum for HappyForms:

Review HappyForms:

HappyForms – Top WordPress Form Builder for Free

HappyForms – Top WordPress Form Builder for Free

Kori Ashton reviews HappyForms – which is a WordPress form builder that is completely free. It’s better (in Kori’s opinion) than ContactForm 7 and obviously less expensive than Gravity Forms. If you’d like to learn more about them visit.

Video Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday, my name is Kori Ashton and you have found a video inside of a YouTube channel dedicated to all things WordPress. So if you’d like to, be sure to subscribe to my channel because every Wednesday, I’m creating a video just like this to help you improve your online marketing.

Another really great resource for you inside the world of WordPress is Pressable. These guys offer incredible secure WordPress hosting for your website and support so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for a solution like them. I’ll put a link to them in the description box below and tell them I sent you their way.

You guys, if you watch my channel, you know that I’m not a fan of contact form seven and I am, sorry you guys, but I am a fan of Gravity Forms but a lot of you have said you know what, Kori, I’m on a really small budget and I really need to be in the budget of free so get happy because I have found a solution that’s gonna make you happy.


It is called HappyForms. You guys, this is the perfect WordPress builder for anybody on a budget and for that matter anybody who just wants a great solution because this is always, always, always free, there is no premium upgrade version. You get every bell and whistle in the free version. Why are they doing this? Because they love the WordPress community and they wanted to give you a solution in the budget of free, how kind is that? That’s why they named it HappyForms.

Form Example

I’m gonna show you an example of what these look like so you can get an idea, I mean even here you can see, it’s a drag and drop environment, it’s kind of a hybrid, it’s easier than contact form seven and it goes even further in allowing you to customize things that gravity forms doesn’t even let you do so here we go.



I’m gonna take you step by step through it and let’s take a look at it, you’re gonna go into your plugins area and click add new. You’re gonna do a search for the keyword HappyForms, all together, one word, HappyForms. When you see that, this is the space, you wanna be sure that it’s been updated recently, that it’s compatible with your version of WordPress, of course, and that it’s got great stars to it, this is a great review so I’m gonna install now and I’m gonna click activate. Are you ready? If I go too quickly, just pause me, rewind, and you’ll be able to do this so easily and quickly.

Copy Sample Form To Clipboard

One of the cool things about HappyForms is that it actually gives you, over here on the left side now, it gives you a sample form that you can tinker with right away. As you hover over this, check out this nice little thoughtful feature they gave us, a little copy to clipboard. So if you hover over that shortcode and click that button, it’s gonna copy it onto your clipboard and you can go then and add a page, let’s say add new page, or a post for that matter, right, and we’re just gonna test things here, let’s do testing, and you can either paste from your clipboard or they’ve got this nice little handy button right here that you can choose your form and click insert and it will write the code for you, right?

So let’s preview this and just see in these moments here what I was able to do. There’s first name, last name, there’s a nice checklist here, there’s a nice drop-down option here, your message and submit form. Pretty cool, pretty straightforward, let’s see how they build it though because that’s the trick, how complicated are these to build out? And how much can you customize?

Let’s take a look at it, let’s click add new either here or on the left side, you can click add new. And it takes us into this pretty cool what you see is what you get type of environment, it allows you to see the form being built here on the right side, these are the available fields all the way down here that you’re able to kind of click on and implement inside of here and be sure to just look and read the instructions, don’t go blindly past a section that gives you really great insightful instructions.

Testing Form

The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna test the form, name the form testing, testing form and then we’re gonna go ahead and start just applying some of these fields so you can see how simple it is to do. I’m gonna go ahead and just put the usual your name field and all I did was click on that available field and it’s allowing me to just fill in the blank. And I’m gonna do this, you can put it on the left side of the field, you can put it on the right side of the field below, let’s see below it, there you go.

I think if my screen were a little bit bigger, it would have jumped on that left side. Let’s put it as a display holder here. I kind of like that because then it kind of goes into that section and of course it allows you to require the field, there you go, we’ll close that up and let’s go ahead and do an email field, right, so that’s pretty common and we’ll say your email and this is a required field and for consistency, we’re gonna say it’s a placeholder, I love it. You can say we can apply that to all parts if you want to, that’s a nice little cheater feature, I love it. And for the sake of just this right now, let’s go ahead and add in, oh! I don’t know, let’s do, how ’bout, what if we do a phone number, I think that’s kind of important at times, there you go, placeholder, love it, and then, here we go, check this out, I’m gonna do the message area, this is that long text and I’m gonna say your message, dah dah dah, and put it inside the placeholder.

All right, I feel pretty confident about this. This is looking pretty good but it’s gonna allow us to go even further and really customize the heck out of this thing so hold on to your hats, here we go, I’m gonna click next.

It allows us to immediately address the confirmation message right here of what’s being said as soon as somebody clicks submit. The email that goes out to the admin or whatever email address you put here, whoever needs to receive the alert that we’ve had a form filled out and then it allows you to go ahead and put in all the information of what goes to the individual, right?

On the complete redirect, so if you want them to transition from this form to a landing page when they’re done, you can actually put that URL here if you wanted to and if you’d like, you can change what the button even says on this. So we can say register now. There you go.

Honeypot for Anti-Spam

Another really cool feature that I love about this is you don’t have to use a CAPTCHA for anti-spam, you can actually use a honeypot, which I highly recommend and it’s a cool feature inside of gravity forms. They operate here, I’m telling you this is a hybrid on the budget of free, super, super cool solution. I’m gonna go ahead and click next.


Now, this is where you get to have a lot of fun and customize the heck out of this form. You guys, this is amazing, look at this, you can adjust the form width. You cannot do this with gravity forms unless you add on another plugin or you know how to do CSS, add a div class around it and actually write code. They’re allowing you to do this in a drag and drop environment, aah!, it’s so cool.

Here are your primary colors so you can change all those things around really easily and quickly. So I’ve got those set, I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna do my form title, do I want to show it? No, I think I’m gonna hide it.

How Does it Sit on Page

This is another really cool feature that I’ve had people ask me how do you do this for anything to do with how it would sit on the page, that’s how you do it right here.

Adjust Font Size/Color & Border

You can adjust the font size as well. That’s super easy to do. Keep on-goin’. Here you go, here’s the border, do we not want to have the border in there? Of course, we do, we like the boundaries, we like it to look like a form field. You can have ’em be more narrow padding, I kind of like that idea, kind of zips it up a little bit. There’s your border color if you wanted to try to match your website or something along those lines. So a lot of available really cool fields there. And of course, the submit button again. If you wanna just have a nice big font size, you can. You can change the background color if you want to with it. You can change the text color. There’s so much customization inside of this. You can center it in the middle of the form, I love that, aah!, it’s so cool. When you’re done, we’re gonna click save the form.

Add to Site

This is incredible, are you excited? ‘Cause I’m gonna show you now, we’ve got it here on the copy to clipboard, let’s go back over here now to our page, I’m gonna paste in the new HappyForms shortcode, click preview and go over to my landing page, there’s our new form. In just these few minutes, you guys. I’m gonna fill it out here, KoriAshton@gmail.com, phone number… 8-6-7-5-3, I’m kidding, okay. This rocks. Makes me happy, register now, okay, your message was successfully sent, we appreciate you contacting us and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Message Customization

Remember, that message we can completely change if we want to, the color of the outline, we can completely change if you want to but I actually just heard my phone go off that I just received that notification.

View Response on Dashboard

All right, here’s the icing on the cake. If that wasn’t enough, these guys thought of everything. They’re allowing you to also have the responses or the entries of every form live here inside of your website. So let’s say something happens or breaks with your email address and you’re not able to access your email. If somebody fills out this form, they still live here inside of your database. So you can come here to responses. Click on that, you see actually we have an alert that we have one new one. You come here and you can see which form they filled out. I can click on edit, go in and see immediately the message that was sent to me. Oh! these guys thought of everything, it makes me so happy and it should make you happy that it’s in the budget of free.

If you guys use HappyForms, will you put that in the description box below? And please tweet to them, let them know that you saw this video and how happy you are that they have this free solution for you. I hope you’re having a great WordPress Wednesday. I’ll see ya next time. Bye, y’all.


Bonus Video Added:

Here’s another video on how to Make Columns in HappyForms >>

Use a Free Broken Links Checker for WordPress

Use a Free Broken Links Checker for WordPress

It’s so important to check your WordPress website for broken links. Use these free resources to help improve your ranking & user experience on your website.

Video Transcript

Hey y’all, my name is Kori Ashton, and welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. Every week, on Wednesdays, I’m releasing a video just like this to help you improve your online marketing if you’re using WordPress.

So this week, we’re gonna look at making sure that you have no broken links in your website. It is so important for Search Engine Optimization ranking, and for user experience, which is actually why it effects ranking. If you have a ton of broken links, or even just a few, on your website, it can actually be impactful. What it makes you look like is kinda spammy, or like you don’t care. It certainly causes confusion as customers or visitors hit your website and things are broken causing four-oh-fours, right?

Alright, so how can we scan our website, even if it’s a smaller site, or, if it’s a robust site, what are some resources that we can use to scan or keep track of our website’s links and making sure that all is well. I’ll show you a couple of resources today.

broken-link-checkerThis is definitely one of the better plugins right now in the repository for checking your broken links, so pretty cool. If you’re watching this video in the future, please be sure to make sure that it’s been updated recently and that it’s tested up to your version. I’m currently running four-point-nine-point-two, but this should be okay because it’s got so many installs. This should be pretty good to run. So, once you add it, search in here for Broken Link Checker inside of Plugins, Add New, right, search for Broken Link Checker, you’ll see it. Install it, Activate it, and once you’ve done that, you’ll have it here, where are we, Broken Link Checker right here.

Here’s the Settings area. Or, you’ll find it over here inside of Tools, and go to Broken Links, and it’ll basically just start to list out any links that are on your site. You can do a really cool search over here if you wanted to, but we’ll say Link status, we wanna look at all and any type, so search the links right now, and it went and searched and didn’t find any broken links, so, that’s pretty darn great, and now, I’m running a pretty small site, though, so you’ll definitely wanna do this on a regular basis for your website, any website for that matter.

But I’m gonna show you one more tool that’s pretty cool. If you’re running a Mac, there is a free app that you can use called Integrity Link Checker. The productivity one is the one that I use. You can do a search inside of the marketplace for, I just did integrity link, and found it. This is what the icon looks like. What you can do, though, is when you open it up, you can run a website here, and let’s just do H-T-T-P lucys doggy daycare, I’ll show you what it looks like, dot-com. So it’s scrubbing the site right now to check all of the links, you can see right now it’s checked nearly four, over 400 links.

Good grief, that’s pretty incredible. It finished the scan already, and opens that up, and gives you an idea of maybe some errors that you might see. But overall, the site looks pretty great. No errors. Awesome, it says zero bad. But you can of course change those settings. You can do it by page if you wanted to, by status if you want to, four-oh-fours, three-oh-ones, whatever that might be.

Here’s the thing, I wanted to tell you this, specifically about this app, I have used it before when I’m on the phone, pitching to a potential new client, let’s say you’ve got a phone call and somebody was like, hey, you know my website’s not running the best, so I was hoping you guys could look at it and see how you can make improvements. I’ve literally just opened up this app and run their website on here, while I’m on the phone and I’ve told them, oh yeah, it looks like you guys have 42 broken links, and we can certainly get those types of things, and they’re blown away by how quickly I can give them that report.

I hope this helps you guys. It’s so important to be sure you have no spammy broken links runnin’ on your website. Have a great WordPress Wednesday. I’ll see ya next time. Bye y’all.

Setting up 301 Redirects in WordPress

Setting up 301 Redirects in WordPress

What are 301 redirects? Do I need to set them up? How do I set them up? If you’re changing the URL path of a page or post that has already been live – you need to use 301 redirects to help keep Google ranking and improve your users’ experience in finding the correct content easily on your WordPress website.

Video Transcript

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton, here in San Antonio, Texas, and you found a channel solely dedicated to all things WordPress. And today we’re gonna be looking at 301 redirects. Now that’s a really nerdy term, what does it even mean? Do I need to do it? What is it? So let’s talk about it.

A lot of you’ve probably heard of what’s called a 404 page, or a broken page on your website. That’s kind of the nerd code for what that’s called. Well there’s another term called a 301 redirect, and it helps Google, and any directory for that matter, understand if you’ve moved content on your website.

So let me show you some examples and see if I can help you understand all this nerdy-ness. Let’s say that I’ve got our website here, and let’s say I had video tutorials here and this is our blog area that has all of our video tutorials on it. So if I wanted to maybe change this URL path, I of course, already rank really high on Google. So that means that Google has this page already in its memory, right, it has that link. So if you ever change these links, ugh, it’s totally detrimental to your ranking in Google search results.

So you wanna have a strong gameplan starting out, but if you work on a website where you need to make these changes or if you found a website and for SEO purposes you think maybe you should make a change inside of this URL path, then you must do a 301 redirect that tells Google, “Hey, this content that used to live at this link, “now lives at this link.” Then what happens is, if somebody has this old link bookmarked and they click on it still from the past, they click on that, Google and the server basically knows to redirect things over here to the correct page that you told it to. Does that make sense? So we’re just trying to redirect your content if you’re changing the path or the link of where that content lives.

So I’ve got a really cool tool, there’s a free plugin to help, what I don’t want you to do is find plugins over here that say something like this, give you a quick alert that say “Hey, we’ve not “done anything in two years this is not compatible.” So don’t use plugins like that. If you think, well this one looks okay and this is maybe even one I’ve recommended in the past because I know we’ve used this one in the past. But it’s not been updated in over a year, it’s been tested pretty well but, go to the reviews for a second and this is some harsh stuff right here, so we probably don’t wanna use this one either.

So redirection pluginthe one I’m gonna recommend to you today is one called Redirection, and this thing is totally for free and it’s loaded down with cool extra features. So you’re gonna go and install it inside of your WordPress website and once you have there’s a Settings button here, or you can find it underneath Tools and go to Redirection. And this is where you’ll basically find your old URL, let’s go grab one just to show you what it would look like.


You paste it in there and you would tell it, this is where, this is now the new name of that link area. And let’s just say free WordPress resources, or tutorials, that’s probably better for SEO purposes. And you just click Add Redirection, and this would then log it and that would be, that’s all that’s needed for the server to understand that anybody that clicks on that link now needs to be pointed to this link. Kinda simple, huh? Kinda cool.

This might get a little tedious though if you’ve got a ton of links. So this plugin has a fix for that as well. You’ve got some expressions in here that you could add like the period and the asterisk there. So check out this page, I’ll put the link to it in the description box below, that gives you some really cool shortcuts to bulk management of URL paths especially inside of a blog or a category area.

Another last feature I wanna mention is, if you do have a crazy 404 page happen on your website, they’ve got the ability to monitor it.


Check this out, you go right up here to 404s, they’re gonna tell you every single time somebody lands on your website in a broken link so that you can monitor that and hopefully go set a 301 to fix that confusion. Gosh, that’s so cool and it’s all for free.

If you want to, you can give this guy a shoutout and give him a donation for his, their whole team is just amazing support to the WordPress community.

I hope this helps y’all. I will see you next WordPress Wednesday. Bye y’all.

Recommended Plugin (As of May 2018)

Bulk Editing Options

Improve Readers’ Engagement on Your WordPress Blog

Improve Readers’ Engagement on Your WordPress Blog

Kori, in this video, provides us with great resources to help improve readers’ engagement on your WordPress blog by having readers engage in new ways – like helpful feedback, social sharing, or clicking onto another blog article.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday, my name is Kori Ashton and you have found a video that is one of over 200 different videos here on our YouTube channel dedicated to all things WordPress.

So today, we’re going to be looking at four tips on improving your blog inside your WordPress website and I’m gonna give you a link in the description box below to an entire playlist of different options that are gonna help you ultimately think about conversion on your website, think about other tools you could be using inside of your blog, even resources on how to find cool topic ideas to write your blog articles. All of those resources are in the description box below but this video is gonna talk about four new ideas and resources that we’ve come across that we want to share with you to help improve your blog inside of WordPress.

akismet-anti-spam-pluginSo first thing, is sometimes you don’t want people commenting all over things, you’re experiencing a lot of spam, and of course you could be using Akismet which is a spam blocker resource inside of WordPress as well that’s totally for free if you’re having a lot of issues with spam.

disable-comments-pluginSo you can do that or another solution is simply just to disable comments so that you’re not getting a ton of people posting junk and you don’t really want the engagement, right, ’cause there’s actually other ways you can offer engagement.

was-this-helpful-pluginSo here’s some ideas for that, you can actually have and this is a premium plug-in you can actually have people say whether or not your article or information was helpful. It’s super cool, you can allow them to say was this helpful, click yes or no and you can start to aggregate content based on user experience. You can ask whatever question you’d like also by the way, but then it gives you that data and allows you to see quickly what people are thinking about your content. So really cool customer feedback option, see interesting, would you recommend it, any type of feedback that you’re trying to aggregate or understand about your audience’s response to your content, this is another way that you can get them to engage.

I’ll put the link to this in the description box below, but be sure, listen to me, be sure that if you’re watching this in the future, a couple of months down the road or something, you come here and you make sure that this still has really great reviews on this. Be sure that it’s updated recently, you know this is about three months old, four months old now so you just want to be sure that they’re still supporting it before you spend the money and try to plug it in and use it.

yet-another-post-pluginAll right, another really cool way to get people to engage on your post is to suggest another post and when they’re done with reading one of them, they’ll be able to click and go read another post from maybe the same category or the same tag. So this is a really cool resource, this is a free resource but it’s not been updated for a while so it has been tested though closer to the version that we’re running. So again, just kind of be sure that these things are in place for you to use resources like this.

And one of the final things I want to suggest for engagement is adding some sort of means for people to click like or share your content. So having things like a floating icon for Facebook, or Twitter or Pinterest, or Instagram allows individuals to share your content and that’s a great way to engage your audience.


All right, I’m gonna put the link to this whole playlist here that talks all about different things to do inside of your YouTube channel, I’m gonna put the link to that in the description box below as well.

I hope you’re having a great WordPress Wednesday, if you have questions, put ’em in the comments, I’ll try to answer ya and help ya out. Have a great WordPress Wednesday, bye y’all.

Block Spam – Akismet

Disable Comments

Was This Helpful?

Yet Another WP Post

Floating Social Sharing

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How to Embed a Pinterest Board in my WordPress Website

How to Embed a Pinterest Board in my WordPress Website

Learn how to easily embed a Pinterest Board into a WordPress website for free! No plugin needed. Kori Ashton will help you quickly add this cool feature from Pinterest to your awesome site!

Full Audio Transcript

Hey, y’all. Welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. Today we’re gonna look at how to embed a Pinterest board into your WordPress website.

Here’s the cool thing, you guys. No plugin required and a totally free budget. There is, though, a little bit of a need to have a Child Theme in place. Don’t let that stress you out, though; because, I’m gonna give you a plugin to fix that problem. It’s not gonna take you more than five minutes. Check this out. Here we go.

Last week I talked about how to do a really cool Instagram feed; but, I want to go this week and grab that Pinterest board. So, you’re gonna log into your Pinterest account. You want to go to the board that you would like to embed in your WordPress website and when you’re viewing that board, you should see these three dots. You’re gonna click on that and you’re gonna click “Make a widget”. If I go too quickly, just pause this video. It’s alright, we’re gonna move pretty fast, also.

Automatically it takes you to spot that it already pulled in the exact board that you want. If you want the look of this, you’re off and running. If you want to make some customization, you can do that as well. That’s really cool. For the sake of this tutorial, we’re gonna take this exact example and go plug it into our website. So, this is the nerd code and this is all you need. We’re gonna copy that onto our clipboard and head over to our Widgets area; because I really like to have this in my sidebar area over here.

I think it would look really nice. So, jumping into your widgets area, you can go into that area and you just want to be sure you’re in the right sidebar, right. Whatever area is in that sidebar. This is the one that has the image and the text. So, this is this correct sidebar. So, we’re gonna go in here and grab a regular old text widget box is fine and I want to put it right underneath that image.

I’m gonna go into the text mode here and I’m gonna paste in the nerd code and that’s all you need. Click SAVE.

Now, it’s not gonna render just yet. If I click Refresh over here, it’s gonna just show dead space for right now; because we’re missing this second little nerd code. And this is what requires to be plugged in, inside of your child theme.

I’ve already done a video, by the way, on how to make a child theme with a plugin. Super, crazy simple. I’ll put the link to that video in the description box below. It might be a little older tutorial; but, it still works and it’s using the exact same plugin that I’m using today called Child Theme Configurator. So, over in my plugins I’ve already installed, Child Theme Configurator and because that’s in here, I’m able to go into my tools section and go into my Child Themes and I can be sure that I have a footer PHP file available inside of my child theme.

They’re gonna duplicate this file for me and put inside my child theme. Now, when I go over here to appearance and go to Editor, now I have a footer file right here inside of my child theme that I can use. I want to put this in. If you read here, it tells you right in the in-body text that they want you to paste it in. We’re gonna come right in here into the in-body area. I’m gonna paste in that nerd code and type “Update File”.

We’re gonna go back to our website, click Refresh and our feed should pop right in there. How cool is that, you guys?

If you love this and you have any questions about it, be sure to comment in the description box below and in the thread. I want to help you and I’ll see you next WordPress Wednesday. Bye, y’all.

Pinterest Dev Widget Link – https://developers.pinterest.com/tools/widget-builder/?